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"Whew! Defoliating a victory garden certainly works up an appetite!" - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"Whew! Defoliating a victory garden certainly works up an appetite!"

In the past 48 hours, besides things already posted about, I:

- chopped down seven saplings that had self-seeded next to one rather nasty tree in our back yard, dug their roots mostly out, and cleared their space for Eleanor to move her lettucy playpens into;

- clear-cut two additional trash cans full of wisteria leavings, all running wild along our eastern property line, and weedwhacked the ground in the northeast corner of the yard;

- kept track of whether the Bills or Mets had the suckier weekend (it was roughly a tie);

- got into a comment-fight with a local Hall of Fame-nominated Buffalo News baseball columnist over whether the Bisons should have dumped their affiliation with the Mets even though they did, and do, objectively, suck almost as much as the Bills, if not more;

- finished a Falco novel and started a thoroughly funny if anal one about a house burglar who steals, mostly, refrigerated and health-beauty-aid items;

- had a relatively uneventful hour in church, other than a friend's 4-year-old son sassing the minister over needing to protect the congregation from T-Rex;

- somehow managed seven miles of cardio before dinner tonight;

- got caught up on the unofficial Dexter podcast and last week's Newsroom, just in time for new episodes of both....

....which are likely days away, since I've got a hellish closing to sort first thing tomorow and lots of udda thingza awaiting. But for now, at least, 10 bells and all's well:)

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