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- Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
* Over the weekend, our reel lawnmower, aka Wall-E, broke in half about a third of the way into my mow-down of the back forty. This has happened before, and I'd ordered both replacement parts and an entirely new mower from our local hardware store (keeping the older one as a "parts car" of sorts)- but I couldn't find enough of either to bring Wall-E back to life....

until Monday.  Two replacement top handles magically appeared in the flotsam and jetsam of the garage, they got nutted and bolted into place, and dude was back in business by yesterday:)


* I took my turn today taking Ebony for walkies, after my 800-mile venture to Long Island got called off, thanks to the sudden invention of something called the "telephone" that I will use instead tomorrow morning.  Instead of heading east from Rochester for a long drive and longer day tomorrow, I returned west by 2, detoured to Office Max for a new wireless adapter for this computer (that, hopefully, will also work in the other office) and to BN to pick up the second mystery from a guy from my hometown I discovered earlier this year-

- whose first in the series I'd enjoyed muchly earlier on.  Only sadness is, I did not get to meet up with Tim at a book signing in Queens tonight, but I'll keep the tome close by in hopes of getting that signature later:)


* Said adapter works just fine now, at least here:)


* We finished Before Sunset, the 2004 sequel to the 1995 film starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy titled Before Sunrise and prequel to the 2013 installment with the same actors titled Before Midnight. Amazing performances, filmed over a 15-day period, and so much to look forward to now in the third when it comes out on DVD:)


Less good things happened at work today, but since it's "work," and not "play" or "life" or "family," I refuse to be bummed by those.

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