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One more sleep til Christmas.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One more sleep til Christmas....
Work sucked today. Was stood up, delayed, sent on a fool's errand, overstayed a late appointment by way more than the lateness, missed a filing deadline and barely got a half hour of cardio in before heading home.

The house is not decorated. The cards just went out. Most of our gifts to each other are homemade or cashed-in early.

Still. Nacht.

Eleanor basked in the warm glow of Christmas spirit today, from people who she thought were more on the Scrooge Train than the Polar Express as recently as last Friday.  People you'd expect to have done good? In the end, done good.

I discovered that a fairly recent, fairly local tragedy is going to result in some major donations to some worthy causes in our community- also doing gooding.

And as we speak, four young ladies- three longtime friends of Emily visiting her- are all out in our totally undecorated living room, sharing food, film, companionship and major fun as their penultimate college semesters are all ending. They may not be doing good at the moment per se, but damn it is good to watch, and listen to- not in an eavesdropping sense but in a feeling their energy, and kindness, and shared friendship kind of way.

All the other animals in the house want to snuggle with Grumpy Cat, who came home with Em. G's having none of it.

But still. Nacht.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

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