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Bad Jewju:( - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Bad Jewju:(
My day began with reading several online news reports that the City of Buffalo had chosen this morning for an "emergency" demolition of an East Side building, which was the oldest one-time synagogue in the city (built in Moorish style in 1903) that was still standing.  A rabbi and a preservationist walked into a bar the demolition site and chained themselves to it to try to stop the sneaky move (Saturday demolitions are an old trick between the city building department and developers to keep those pesky lawyers and judges from getting restraining orders). Having it be a shul, and done on shabbos, is just tacky- but as with many of these old buildings, there was too little concern when it was soon enough and not enough time once anybody started paying attention.

Maybe that Shalom-wrecking ball is what disrupted my own cosmos in various minor ways today.  For a good part of the day, I couldn't find my car keys, which made me late for an errand Eleanor wanted me to run. Then my sense of humor tripped over her on a wet kitchen floor. And finally, when we ordered out at the end of the day, Fridays screwed up and left out the appetizer I'd ordered.

Things got better after sundown, though, and we enjoyed the second of two Netflixes that came earlier in the week, which couldn't have been more different if we'd tried. We went from last night's viewing of Pina, a Wim Wenders documentary about the late German contemporary dancer Pina Bausch (which I found totally by accident,  googling a real estate abbreviation P.I.N.A.- and which I still don't know for sure what it stands for), to We're the Millers tonight.  It was cute in a NSFW kind of way, although maybe the funniest moment in the whole film didn't come until the bloopers at the end, where the cast punked Jennifer Anniston by switching out a significant-to-the-plot song during a take and replacing it with the theme from Friends.

Now to hope that the only demolition occurring tomorrow will be of the Patriots.
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