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Apparently, I CAN Drive 55.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Apparently, I CAN Drive 55....
Since I'm  now halfway through my L's, this one was spent Low-key and Lovely. Some of the nicer moments from it:

* Chillin' in the living room for close to an hour in the early afternoon- me reading, Eleanor across from us knitting, and the animals surrounding me: Tazzer in the crook of my arm, Michelle (the cat) on the sofa behind me, and Ebony (the dog) nestled to our left. I attempted a selfie of that, but pixels and pets did not cooperate.  The soundtrack of that moment was a live album that Nanci Griffith did with the London Symphony Orchestra, including several of our favourite songs of hers; I picked it because it was Eleanor's birthday present to me ten birthdays ago, my first one recognised with a blog post here.

* Getting a birthday call from Emily (her pressie to me is also on backorder and I may get it when I go out there midweek), and dozens of kind wishes and reflections from online contacts. Including Michele (the niece), who managed to find what may be the only photo of my entire immediate blood-rel family that ever existed (I'd guess mid-80s on it):

::SCENE MISSING from afternoon cardio and watching Bills game::

* Double feature of the Doctor Who season finale and the final hour of Olive Kitteredge, watched during a homemade pizza and salad dinner. Both wound up being love stories in their own respectively strange ways, and both had rather surprising appearances at their respective ends by famed comic actors who, nope, not saying no more....

The week ahead should be relatively calm; clients to see at least the first three days, but only one court appearance and time to do some catching up.
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