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We Interrupted This Week.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
We Interrupted This Week....
For some much-needed care and cuddling, if not feeding, of some Wayne County wee ones.

Emily called over the weekend and needed a favor: Westley, the new kitten, needed to go to the vet today. Nothing wrong, just a requirement of the Kitten Special they got him from: he had to be checked up within a week of his coming home.  And Cameron has the car all day, so could I run them to the place?

I had stuff near there, but not until afternoon, so I picked her up from work, then him from home and we headed over.  He's fine. Also, quite the talker. Feisty, too; while we waited for him to be called back, a guy came out with a barky-barky Springer spaniel, friendly enough to us but pretty noisy, and Westley didn't cringe or hiss.

No pics of him today, but here's another from the weekend:

Westley Weekend

Three other things I learned about him today:

* He's already been fixed. Which makes sense, because....

* He's three months old already. Well, almost. His birthday was March 9th. That's significant here, since our first boykitty Bozo, who we lived with and loved for 16-plus years, was born on March 10th. And this little guy already has Bozo's incredibly loud purr.

* Also in threes: he weighed in at three pounds. Yes, he's a runt.  That worked out with Zoey, our most recent kitty arrival.


We did not come home with two more, but it wasn't easy.  In the waiting room was a pair of sestras that their vet put out hoping to adopt: Anna and Elsa.

I take it that's some kind of film reference;)

Both were cute and playful while I waited for my charges, but each had her own failing.  Elsa was a little too playful for her own good, and injured one of her paws trying to get at one of her toys through the crate bars. I think I heard her say, You should see the other guy.

Other Guy

Meanwhile, Anna is in better physical shape, but she has an unfortunate fascination for her own catbox. She spent most of the time I was there, when she wasn't playing, sleeping inside it (the vet techs have to change the litter multiple times a day from her knocking it over); and once we did get going with a fishing-roddy toy, she decided the object was to grab it by the rod end and toss the lure into the box:

They're still available at Macedon Veterinary Care. If you don't at least think about it, your heart must be Frozen.
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: June 9th, 2015 05:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Since you are a long way away, you'll have to get your cuddles from the kittens, who, I reluctantly admit, are cuter and more cuddly than I am anyhow.
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