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Ha-ha's in the home stretch.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Ha-ha's in the home stretch....
Anthropologists here discovered evidence today of an ancient civilization underneath various dropcloths and woodpiles, referred to back in those days as a "kitchen."  The tile has been cleaned of its haze (with plenty of Jimi Hendrix air-guitar riffs), Eleanor touch-painted a bunch of the orange wall that the kids did last weekend, and I put two coats of the eventual new cabinet color on the two surfaces nobody will ever see- the ones that abut the refrigerator space.

Ah, space.... the final... frontier.


The new fridge is a bit bigger than the one it replaced.  We knew it would be in a tight spot. First, Eleanor sawed off edges of the new countertop which we hoped would be enough. Then we pushed the new fridge in for a test run. Nope: it sticky-stuck in several places where the cabinets abut it both above and below.  The upper cabinets only needed sanding to get the needed clearance, but the lower ones were, and this is a technical term, a bitch.

No amount of sanding would be enough; it was demolition time. We focused on the one on the lower right, which seemed the most stuck out- and the most stuck in.  The original installers of those cabinets anchored that sucker down to the subfloor, and there were two panels stapled together on the outside that were causing most of the resistance.

With various grunts and heavy swinging objects over a few days, that entire outer cabinet wall came off- and in the process broke, not-so-neatly, in half along the vertical.  Various options were discussed- making it thinner through use of various out-of-kitchen power tools, replacing it with a new piece that would be thinner to begin with- but I had one idea that just seemed TOO easy:

Wall, schmall.

The fridge looked like it was barely gonna fit into that space even without anything nailed onto the cabinet wall; there were other ways of dealing with load-bearing for the shelves inside the cabinet, and so, my unspoken thought: why put ANYTHING back on there?  But it seemed a cheap way out, so I didn't say anything- until I heard Eleanor discussing the problem with Emily on the phone, and she'd come to the same conclusion herself.

There was still some scraping to be done of the edge of the cabinet's front frame, but it got done, and so a few hours ago, once the paint on the upper cabinet walls had dried and the haze on the tiles behind had been cleared off, the fridge was finally ready to roll into its permanent home.

I could've pranked her, but I didn't. I did tell the joke, though, when it was all done:
My thought was to fake a final sticking point right before the fridge slid into that spot, and then, as I finished the slide, to start singing "Never Gonna Give You Up."  So I could then say,....

wait for it,....

You've just been fridgerolled.

And here's what she was almost rolled with, in its more-or-less final configuration:

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yesididit From: yesididit Date: July 14th, 2015 04:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
glad you got it to fit! i had to do a little demolition on the cabinet above my fridge to make my fridge fit.
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