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Are You Being Served? Depends. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Are You Being Served? Depends.

I thought it was worth mentioning one more thing from our Long Day's Journey Into Cheektowaga yesterday, about the restaurant experience at the Fancypants National Steakhouse Chain.  We had a good server, recently moved back to the area after a tour of duty in the Air Force including in its DC-based honor guard, and other than sharing the unfortunate tendency of people that age to use the word "perfect" rather than "okay," he was fine- but he surprised us with one thing.

The place has a wine list- on the menu itself, highlighting the by-the-glass choices, but everything also can be had by the bottle.  We ordered one- birthday dinner and all, and ounce for ounce a cheaper choice than even their second-glass-half-price deal- but he said that in four months, nobody had ever ordered a bottle for their table from him.

I asked my friend Donna to check with her daughter, who works for Longhorn down near Bawlmer, and she confirmed- it's very unusual for their customers to order a bottle of wine for the table.  Whether it's even rarer here because of this location having a high Canadian guest percentage (in Ontario, wine is much more expensive, drinking-and-driving laws are much stricter, and everyone gets checked on the way home) or just changing traditions, I'm not sure.


I am sure about one tradition having ended, though- and how much it sucks:

J.P. Bullfeathers has closed and told state liquor regulators it is being sold.

In a letter dated July 7, Bullfeathers put the license “in safekeeping” with the authority, “indicating that they were in the process of selling the business,” said New York State Liquor Authority spokesman William Crowley.

The restaurant had been open at 1010 Elmwood Ave. since the 1970s. Passers-by have reported it closed for several weeks.

Bully's was one of Those Places we just kept going back to for special occasions. A few years ago, it was our anniversary destination, a night where we continued a tradition of our own of giving a good server a rather ridiculous tip. We became friends with her after that, and have smiled through her getting married and them now having their first child- all because of a cozy but cavernous little place in the Elmwood Village.

S. knew about the closing- but not about the why.  Using my Mad Skillz, I checked the real name of the entity and did not find any bad things filed against it recently.  Their Facebook page was occasionally updated through late May with business-as-usual events, but nothing from the owners about what is happening.

I vaguely recall this happening once before, and the place coming back good as new- although the current owner has had it since at least 1984.

And yes, they never had a problem bringing a bottle of wine to the table. Tonight, though, I'm raising just a sparkling water glass with a mixture of hopes that hopefully won't be shaken, and of memories that have been stirred.

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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: July 27th, 2015 10:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
I know the feeling. Our favorite restaurants here in Greenville are folding - Latitude, Italian Market and Grill (where he proposed), Travinia. :(
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