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The End of the Road As We Know it - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
The End of the Road As We Know it
Day Four Album a la Face

When we left off, I'd finished a 5K and was posting from mah niece's, having begun the big turn and started heading west again.

Last I saw this little guy, he was six months old and getting christened. Now he's eating his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs all by himself....

Okay, somewhere between "eating" and "wearing," but still.

Speaking of wearing:

That's his Grampa JP's hat, and his mom's (I think) race medal. The sunglasses are anybody's guess.

The cat, on the other hand, is not impressed:

Fine. Hug me. I might let you live:

(The scale on that one's altered a little. But not much.)

Kyle got pre-birthday swag from both his Aunt Donna and me. I made my run for the latter in the Boston Science Museum the day before while picking up the parking permit for the Cambridge stopover; damn it's hard finding safe stuff for kids in places like that, as even most of the garden-variety books were safety-rated for age five (or even six) and up.  I found a space-themed book, but was especially thrilled with this find, as was Nicole (who might let the boy have it;):


That was all late Sunday.  Nicole was starting training for a new adjunct faculty position at a local college, so we had just a little time the next morning to catch up and get a few shots around the grounds.  Their house came with a fish pond- they didn't even see it when they first looked, and it was incredibly meaningful, since Nicole's dad had turned the base of their longtime backyard Long Island pool into a pond with killer-size koi in his final years. 

A few of the tenants.

I also got a brief video of them scurrying around the water and Kyle scurrying around the scurrying. There'll be a link here when I figure out how to youtube that.

We ended with the babysitter getting this three-generation shot of us-

-and at last it was off to the final stop on the journey....

An hour or so down the road, I thought about lunch, since Westchester and the Bronx can easily eat hours of your time if the traffic's not helping.  I picked a random Merritt Parkway exit and found, of all things, this:

Significant, of course, because R.A. Dickey was the Met pitcher scheduled for that night. No relation, but just as good:

Much the same choices as the Dino (which I passed within a few miles of in three different places elsewhere on the trip).

From there, the bridges were kind, and I even had time for a Starbucks detour before getting to the Shea vicinity a bit before 5. My hostess had even furnished parking, courtesy of the white shoe law firm which donated the evening's seats to her husband:

The tickets said to enter at the Seaver gate, but I was actually closest to this one:

But, a few feet closer to home, I saw where I was supposed to go....

...and, being a Met fan, kept right on going. We'd agreed to meet on the Shea bridge, clear the other side of the ballpark, and even with One Percenter tickets and parking, I could not cut through the VIP lot along the outfield to get there, so I circumnavigated the whole stadium for the first time.  I crossed the boulevard of fan-supporting bricks (never finding any from people I knew), and came round to the picturesque chop shop side of the park-

That's the onetime Serval Zipper tower in the distance, but the muffler places and bedbug removers were far more in evidence, as was Photogenic Photobomber Cop dere.

At last, we were allowed in- I smuggled a genuine bottle of Dickey's barbecue sauce as my token thank-you to Sharon for getting us these seats- and she reciprocated by getting the best picture of me with the race medal, already posted but hey, it's a medal, yaknow;)


Got a few establishing shots from the outfield, including the Home Run Apple, which has probably seized up from lack of use in the past week....

and in time, we were joined by two other bloggers I'd met before. The three to my left the whole evening:

Greg, Taryn and the awesome fotog and friend that is Sharon.  Meanwhile, almost as close over my right shoulder were three other longtime acquaintances, working the game for SNY:

Gary Cohen with his back to you, Keith Hernandez to his right, and the just-turned-52 Ron Darling not appearing in this picture.

The SNY police keep the riff-raff from bothering them, so I wasn't able to get past This Guy

when Greg headed over later in the night to greet another friend who'd come up to the section one side over from the booth. That turned out to be Susan Spector, who plays for the Other Mets- second oboe in the Metropolitan Opera orchestra.

That's not Susan on the jumbotron. I think it's Mr. Met leading the seventh inning stretch, but I'm not sure.

In the end, R.A. wasted another awesome pitching performance as the Mets bats were colder than a orange and blue popsicle. As my friends went their separate ways, I tried to post Facebook likes and goodbyes to them, instead getting this:

"Something" in this case being "the second half of the 2012 season."

Still, it was great to see everyone, and eighteen hours and two new tires later, I was back in my own home with more adventures (in moving, among others) lying ahead.

Suppose I should watch the bottom of the ninth to see if those popsicles have gotten any warmer:P

ETA Game's not on. But Yahoo Full Count came back to it just as I sat down, and I saw Hurricane Isaac's second home run of the game to walk it off and put it in the books:)

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paterson_si From: paterson_si Date: August 26th, 2012 09:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hello, three generations! :)
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 27th, 2012 04:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

Back Atcha from Sharon!

It was so great to FINALLY meet you in person!

Thanks for all the kind words :)
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: September 4th, 2012 12:47 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Back Atcha from Sharon!

I just realized this was screened until I did something. Thanks again for everything and I hope to join your cheering section at the half next month:)
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