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It's a good day to brain-die.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It's a good day to brain-die....

The zombification of Buffalo is under way, and we've tasted more than our share of it.  The cause, I suspect, is the influx of law school graduates and multi-time failers all descending on downtown to take the state's Bar exam.  For a number of years, Buffalo has been the default site for out-of-state residents (rather than shipping them to Manhattan or Albany), because rooms are cheaper here and downtown's so damn quiet. (I took it here, too, but it was at UB at the time.)

This piece from That New Yorker I Keep Going On About (paywalled, but there's enough of a taste here) reminded me to look for them this week. It's about a Japanese law graduate (from Yeshiva University's law school) finally passing on the 17th try, and the final one before he would've been required to go back for more law school training.

 “I like Buffalo,” he said. “Less crowded. I could reserve a hotel very close to the testing place. Just three minute walk from the hotel. Good access. I can focus on study during my stay. In New York City, many kinds of things attract me.” . . .

Well, good on you. We seem to be distracted by way too many things ourselves here. For most of the past day, we dithered around looking for one of the two coded keys to Iggy, which Eleanor managed to misplace. All of yesterday, both of us looked through nooks, crannies and even garbage cans (it's tote night tonight). She also mislaid the main one of his seven manuals- but I found THAT earlier today, while sweeping around the house in an effort to look downward more in an effort to find the key. Finally, it turned up on the very table it's almost always on. I heard a thud before it just appeared there, and it may have gotten stuck to an overhead light or something equally weird before just falling.

I am going out for my pre-trip oil change in a few- and I'm running across to Michael's while they're doing that, to find a keyhook board for both Iggy's keys and mine.

Trip is still on, but will likely be shorter. The con is now sold out for Shatnerday the 3rd, so I'm just going for the first day and evening. I've got one longago friend (from elementary school days) who I haven't seen in 40 years, who I'm going to catch up with in Baltimore on Saturday. From there, I'll likely just head straight back 83/81 without doing the Philly leg- but I'm still keeping in touch with some folks and that may change.

And yes, I'm bringing my extra goddam key to that car, just in case.

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