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A Major Walk, Ruined - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Major Walk, Ruined
We don't get much in the way of major sporting events around here. There's no MLB team; three former NBA franchises all left upstate between the mid-50s and mid-70s; we do still have the NFL Bills, but they haven't even made the post-season in 13 years and Super Bowls are never hosted by the competing teams; and the Sabres have similarly sucked in recent years and haven't had the Cup in the house (where it was stolen from them by a Dallas foot in a Buffalo crease) since that same '99 year.

So it's something, I suppose, when the world of mens' professional golf makes it to Western New York for a major championship roughly every decade. (The wymyns have been coming annually to another Rochester course since the 70s- it's been sponsored by Wegmans for going on 15 years, and has been a major in that sport since 2011.)  Oak Hill Country Club has had the course, the history, and the leverage to host these rotating mens' tournaments four times since I've lived near there- a U.S. Open in the 80s, a Ryder Cup in 1995 (a hosting that became a major bone of contention in bankruptcy litigation I was involved in, over the closest offsite restaurant and ::hic:: licensed bar to the course), and PGA Championships in 2003 and, again, right now.

By now, it's almost become routine. This snootiest of sports takes over media coverage and shuttle buses for an entire week- first with practice rounds and (sometimes) Pro-Ams that allow weekend duffers to rub clubs with true heroes; and then the four days of actual play, which began there today.  Tickets are expensive and inevitably sold out before the clubs begin swinging in anger, and parking is a mixture of capitalism (course neighbors offering spots in their driveways) and clusterfudge (shuttle lots, miles or half-counties away, requiring fans to arrive by close to 5 a.m. to catch the earliest tee-offs).  Our local paper helped prove the digital divide between here and Rochester, posting directions to the Monroe Community College lot that were actually to its downtown satellite campus where there's, surprise!, no parking.

This thing may be why I've had virtually no court appearances this week but am piled-on with a buttload of them next week after it's all over. (I've put off my sixth in five days next week, which was a near-impossible conflict, but I still have the other five on each day of next week, plus a seminar.)  I will be seeing clients in Rochester tomorrow, but late in the day, hopefully as the crowds will be heading away from the course as I'm more-or-less zooming toward it. And by next week, it will all be a dull memory of whether Tiger Woods got his groove back or not.

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