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Insanity=using same delivery methods and expecting different results:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Insanity=using same delivery methods and expecting different results:P
The common thread, here, being the United States Postal Service- motto- We deliver for you. Except when we don't.

Today brought my third failed attempt in recent years to use the U.S. Mails for a random act of kindness.  Here's how they-all went.

M, at the time, lived in LA, but her fam at the time was based north of Syracuse. Five or so years ago, M spent the Christmas holidays with them, and she checked in at Hancock Field Syracuse_Hancock_International_Airport for her return flights to Points West.  In the airport concourse, on the good side of TSA security, was a "Made in New York, or Near Syracuse, or SOMETHING" concession, from which she purchased a selection of Dinosaur Barbecue sauces to bring home.  Her SYR flight didn't connect with her LAX connection, and she duly blogged that she had to spend the intervening night outside the New York City airport's security checkpoint. When she arrived the next morning to finish her trip, the TSA cops confiscated her Wango Tango and whatnot bottles, since they didn't fit in the mandatory three-ounce plastic bags.

In time I read this. It made me sad. I vowed to fix it, since Dino sauces had, by then, become regular fixtures in the Wegmans condiment aisle. I selected a handful of them (total: maybe ten bucks), packaged them in a USPS priority mail envelope (another roughly five at the time), and shipped them westward....

where, of course, it and they were promptly destroyed or stolen, depending on how cynical you are.

Now I was mad. So I asked M for her then office address, and overnighted a replacement package of the same sauces via a secure delivery service to ensure she got the charm on the third try.  Finally, neither snow nor rain nor alleged terrorists kept Wango from tangoing:)

Now fast-forward to sometime a couple years ago. Our dear author friend Joshilyn Jackson had just announced the publication of her fourth novel, and a book signing gig at Malaprops in Asheville, NC, in support of such publication.

In a saner world, I'd have ordered a signed copy from that (or some other) bookstore and had it shipped to us. Hell, though; that would've required waiting to read the thing, which Would Be Wrong. So I arranged for our previously-delivered hardcover copy, which I'd devoured, to be sent by Express Mail to a friend near Asheville, who promised to present it to Joss for signing on the day of her Malapropery.

In time, everyone cooperated- except the Post Office:P  My Express-mailed copy of the book (along with a gift of another friend's novel to Joss, which I'd helped edit) got delayed and misdirected and didn't show up in any accessible part of NC for three days after our best beloved had been and gone. But no matter; Kimmy bought a copy of Grown-Up Kind of Pretty on the spot and got Joss to sign it, AND got a picture of the two of them at the store (which, sadly, I canna find), which is back in Da House for us to remember forever:)

So by now, you'd think, I'd be using tin cans and string to get my gifts below the Mason-Dixon Line.

When I was at the Shore Leave con two weekends ago, I saw A Thing. One I will briefly describe with other reviews once it ceases to be SPOILERS!, but which I knew was the perfect pressie for one particular longtime LJ Friend.

It came home with me at the start of last week. Eventually, by midweek last week, I got round to making a backup copy of it for the animation-major child, and duly packaged the original into a Priority Mail envelope to send it to an unknown state where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. 

I'd hoped for Friday delivery and was rebuffed. Saturday, just as much. Finally, late this morning, the mailer boomeranged back to where it had come from: my idiot office had neglected to stick a $5.60 stamp on the thing, and NIXIE did what it does and sent it back to me.

It now has said stamp. AND a tracking number (Priority Mail now includes that for free if you ask for it). This time, I'm hoping for Wednesday- and I apologize to the recipient for the angst involved in its transmission.

Somehow, way more often than not, the bills I send out through the US Mail reach their destinations on time.  So if any of you want to invoice me for the cost of our friendships, you might just get your gifts on time from here on out:P

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likethewatch From: likethewatch Date: August 14th, 2013 01:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are such a nice guy to send out gifts! I really enjoyed watching Dirk Gently, and even more than that, I still feel that nice glow of having received that gift from you.
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