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Reading right along.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Reading right along....
I chanced to notice, earlier today, that I've now eclipsed my 2012 books-read pace, and am within sight of the book-a-week record that I set in 2011.

What, you wanna know what-all I've been reading?

27) Peter David, Pulling Up Stakes (8/13)

This was my find at Shore Leave, written by a longtime author of books, writer of scripts, inspirer of comics and generally good Man About Town. I met him only long enough to secure his autograph, but his first work in this series was the fun that was advertised at the convention's humor panel, only with more of an organized backstory about the resident vampires than many of these series.

Yes, vampires. You know how I hate Teh Sparkly. So does Peter- says so right on the back of the jacket.  But he homages generations of the genre in tearing it to vampy little pieces as we meet and greet, mainly, Vincent Hammond. Call him Vince, call him Vinny- but call him if your O-positive supply starts dropping unexpectedly low, because he's part of an organized anti-vamp group known colloquially as Body Men who stake out and stake in the little buggers.

Except (and this is a spoiler revealed on the back of the tin) that Vinny is, himself, a turned vampire. Who turned him, and how he deals with that, and with multiple levels of intrigue and betrayal among West Coast and East Coast Body Men (and women) is what makes this work, well, WORK.

I have my loyalties to my own crew. Kate Danley's Maggie is funnier, on a per-page basis- but Vince and his family and fellow stakers are seriously worth the read. I'll be seeking out the remaining parts of this series as soon as I can:)

28) Greg Lamberson, Scaremonger (E) (8/13)

Maybe this is a cheat, because the author, a WNY-bred and Buffalo-living LJ friend of mine, glamberson, made clear that it was only a novella.  His post about it also explained that it was a diverted screenplay- one which he'd not managed to secure funds and filming rights on the historical site to bring to a screen, but which seemed right to him to bring to a Kindle as his first electronic-only self-pub.

Dude? Ya done good.

I've never been to Lily Dale, but I know from it. One of my earliest law-clerking ventures in law school back in the early 1980s, for the father attorney of a college friend, was to help brief an obscure Religious Corporation Law issue about the Spiritualist Assembly that runs seances and other psychic things in the county an hour to the south of here. So when a powerful Fundie from three centuries earlier starts haunting and (maybe?) killing in that community in the present day, I had to pay attention.

We meet that spectre- along with a cast of dozens from the spiritual grounds; several Mulder-Scullyish FBI agents; and a pair of Chautauqua County sheriffs' deputies who are right out of Twin Peaks down to the pie. They're fun, and scary (but not too), and the work reaches a nice denouement in about an hour if you're doing your cardio right.

29) Lindsey Davis, Body in the Bathhouse (E) (8/13)

Granted, we've only just begun-  but we loved the debut in this series and a random later work (just because it was e-available, as this one was, once Amazon finally downloaded my library loan on the third try).  Yet I didn't choose it from the series for any reason connected to continuity or plot preference. Rather, it was because our friend digitalemur picked up a paper copy of it from her local library and found a snarky previous borrower had "corrected" many of the "errors" in the "text" with their "pencil."

This, clearly, is one benefit of e-books; you can, actually, publish your own "notes" on the text, but they don't deface the original source material and they subject you to serious back-snark when a Yale-educated LIBRARIAN notes a ton of wrongness about your complaints and asks you to stop.

III chapters in, Marcus Didius is as fun as ever. We're only a few years beyond where I last left him in One Virgin Too Many, but he's moved house, added a child, and is now back, it seems, to "informing" as his dayjob. Not a piece of poultry in sight, and I doubt he misses them any more than I do.  I won't finish his story in a single cardio session, but he's worth the XXXtra effort:)

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glamberson From: glamberson Date: August 14th, 2013 02:17 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you!
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