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Monies and mouths - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Monies and mouths
One of our favourite radio stations is the mostly non-commercial jazz outlet out of Toronto known as 91.1 Jazz.fm.  Over the weekend, they were running occasional pledge announcements with a kicker: a challenge grantor would double any contributions made. So I headed over with the intent of pledging $100. Turns out, their closest pledge level to that was $91.10 CDN, which finally came through on my bank statement today as roughly $88 US.  I feelz good about it, though; they give us quantities and qualities of music throughout the week that nobody on this side of the border can match, at least not over the air.

When the time is right with a similar challenge in place, I will make a comparable donation on our side of the bourder- to the public station licenced to the University of Rochester at 88.5 FM known as WRUR.  During drive times, they simulcast NPR programming also heard on the local PBS affiliate's radio airwaves, but the rest of their days and weekends are incredibly eclectic and inclusive of national NPR music stuff that none of our local affiliates dare to air.

Juat a couple of samples from recent days: this one, heard either on the syndicated World Cafe or on the locally-based All Weather Lunch, of a duo covering Hall and Oates almost as blue-eyed soulfully as the originals:

- and this one, heard on their carriage of Mountain Stage this past weekend, by a vocalist named Stephen Kellogg, whose 10-minute marathon about past and typical Thanksgivings resonated immensely with many that I've had over the years:

Support for our radio station comes from our members- and from listeners like me who love their shit to death:)

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