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Things that go bump on the Internet. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Things that go bump on the Internet.
It's way too easy to do some things you might not want to, and damned hard at times to do other things you do want.

Examples from the past day or so:

Believe it or not, Buffalo has an International Film Festival.  It's no Sundance, or Tribeca, or even Toronto, but it gets the occasional good stuff, even if not original releases.  I saw a reference to an interesting one late last month:

It's being screened here the first weekend in October, at a small venue nearby called The Screening Room. Emily expressed interest in it, as I'd have expected, and the only question was whether Cam could go. Ultimately, I decided to just order for the four of us, because, hey, twelve bucks to be sure of having seats for everyone?

Try over a hundred and ten:P

The film festival uses an event ticketing site; not one of the Big Ones like Ticketmonster, but I'd used them before. Therein lay the rub: after selecting the four tickets (with Cokes, yay big spender!), the site asked if I wanted to log in to input my saved info. Sure! But the login didn't recognize my saved password, and I guessed wrong on what it was, so I clicked the "reset password" link, and then the link in the quick-to-arrive email, and voila!, I was in.

But the tix with drinx were now sold out:( Meh- there were still foursomes of Just Seats, so I picked them, watched my contact info magically fill itself in, entered my payment information, hit "submit,"....

And it immediately confirmed (and debited our checking account) for both sets of tickets.

So now the four tickets I'd ordered had become eight- and I found out yesterday that Cam can't go, so I've got five assless seats to work with now. "All sales final" and all that, said the event site, but there was a "contact the event" button, which I instantly clicked to try to bail out of half the order. I've yet to hear, and fully expect I never will. 

So I have all eight actual ducats to print out, so unless I get some unexpected relief from the festival early next week, I've got five free viewings for you and any of your local-to-Buffalo friends who are first to claim them.

C'mon! It's Calvin and Hobbes!  Who knows what adventures the day will bring?


Hopefully, better ones than the online ones brought to me by a particular multistate bank with a name that rhymes with Twee.

They're one of the few I've actually agreed to go paperless on- mainly because (a) I rarely use it, other than as an in-and-out repository for our monthly mortgage payment, and (b) they upped the ante and now charge you to receive paper statements unless you keep a high balance all the time.

They also have perhaps the most annoying password protocol of any institution on the planet.  Somehow, I'd gotten their login info into my Firefox Password Manager. (Yeah, yeah, you shouldn't do that, but except for two days a month there's generally small potatoes in there, and I don't mind the risk.)  This morning's email brought a link to my September 7th statement, but when I went to login, it insisted I change my password.

I have an inventory of a handful of tried-and-true non-words, with acceptable combinations of alphanumerics, so I tried changing it to one of those.

BUZZZZZZZ! "You must change your password to something other than one you have used in your previous twelve resets."

Twelve?!? REALLY?  At this point, you're starting to tax both the imagination and the memories of your customers. I finally decided on a (rather not nice) new one, got it in with the requisite minimums of case and character, deleted a character because you can't have three of the same one in a row.

Twee accepted the new password- but neither Firefox's nor Chrome's password managers did.  I tried the trick- spoofing the code to remove the "autocomplete=off" tag, but they've gotten too smart for me. So now every time I use the thing, I'm going to have to copy and paste this ugly hunk of sticky spaghetti code from somewhere else on my computer because they've made it impossible for it to be something I can (a) remember AND (b) type without dying of acute carpal tunnel.

Sigh. Maybe I should see if my mattress is easier to log into.

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