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Things going bump. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Things going bump.
I finished a well-done mystery novel by British author Erin Kelly, and decided to try one of her earlier ones in ebook format. Yes, our library had a copy, in Kindle format. But no, due to Publisher Restrictions, Amazon would not deliver it wirelessly to my tablet the way it did the several others I'd read that way. There was something about a USB option, so I selected it- only to find out that such transfers are only supported for plug-in to actual Kindle devices, not other tablets or devices running Kindle software.

So I canceled the loan and re-did it as an .epub download- and went straight from the Amazon level of hell into the Adobe one. (The level count officially ended at ten, but that was back in 1998 with the addition of the Blockbuster one, and that clearly isn't keeping up with current Satanic technology.)  The library gave me an .epub download on my PC, but it was nothing that could be transferred onto the tablet through external means (emailing the download or even sneakernetting it through a USB). So I canceled the loan a second time, logged on through the tablet, did the deed all over again,.... and, after an interminable wait, was told I needed to authorize the tablet with an Adobe ID.

Ultimately, I accomplished this, but it took a good half hour of self-hacking and good-guessing to do, since I last used Adobe in this way when I was using my now-dead Freenet email for such things, and therefore "forgot password" things wouldn't work. But it's now all loaded on, the new backup email address added, and the fires of hell seem as toasty as ever.


Home video options are similarly affected by the heat.  Last night, we finished a perfectly lovely romantic comedy from 1995 starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, titled Before Sunrise. For months, we've had its sequel in our queue- where it remains, as it's been for months, on a "Very Long Wait."

I could try to find it through the library's website, but I'm not sure the smell of brimstone has cleared from their HVAC systems yet. Besides, we now, finally, have Star Trek Into Darkness to view at home. Walking into Best Buy for it, I was reminded of the sheer joy of trying to figure out which of 20 different varieties of health-and-beauty-aid products is the one I've always used.  There were no fewer than six different options on the display: DVD, Blu-Ray, combo packs, 2D, 3D and presumably Infinite Improbability D that was already sold out.  I finally opted for a combo, because it includes a digital download we can give to the kids, but also because it's the only one to come out and say on the tin that it had special features.  Although, quite possibly, those are only on the Blu-Ray edition we'll be using as a coaster.


Finally, all this hellishness isn't any better once you leave the house.  After a nice cool week of early fall weather, it's gone back up into the humid 80F range here, with an even hotter one promised for tomorrow, when I'll be stuck in my car for most of the day.

My suddenly under-air-conditioned car.  The airflow dial (which directs the heated or cooled air to the front vents, floor vents or dashboard) broke off in my hand, leaving the flow stuck down at my feet- not good for cooling, and useless for defrosting. I'm going to head out now on the off chance I can get it looked at today, but I'm guessing I'm going to be stuck with two days of sweaty pigdom before I can get it fixed.

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