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Long Day the First.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Long Day the First....
Two consecutive out-of-town court gigs, each with its own compications (as my mother would say).  Today's was the earlier one; I needed to be in downtown Rochester by 9 for two different clients, and was- but not without some last-minute agitas.

Insomnia struck (both of us, it turned out) between 2 and 5. I doubt I got more than half an hour of deep or REM sleep between those ticks, but was Up! at 4:50-something to feed the animals and fell back down, hoping for the best when the alarm went off close to 7....

and it did. Because SOMETHING (I think more a weird dream than a barking dog) got me up about 10 minutes earlier than the alarm was set for- minutes well used, since inbound traffic on 490 was brutal at 8:30 and I probably would've been late if I'd waited until Batphone Time.

Instead, I wasn't. And got taken first for both of my cases, getting out earlier than expected.


Next came a trip to the kids', to try to fix a problem with Emily's car.

Her 2001 Chevy, like most of its vintage or newer, has a chime to warn you if you've left your headlights on.  Said chime stopped chiming several months ago, and she's had several Close Encounters with AAA as a result since.  So I got a recommendation to a good local mechanic (conveniently on the opposite corner from my Rochester-area office) and switched cars with her after court so I could have it checked out.

Turns out to be Bad. It's not just that chime, but most of the chimes, meaning it's not just a misfiring sensor but a problem with an entire module- one costing probably more to repair than the car is worth.  So we're going to try out the old Note On The Dashboard Trick to see if she can conquer the mental block that way.

Until the 90s, of course, we didn't have such chimes. We had to remember to turn off our headlights with a crank in the front. ("You had a FRONT?!?")


While they were checking out her chimes, I was lunching with my current co-worker in that area and an old friend of both of us, who I hadn't seen in close to a decade. "Ray!," I thought I heard him say. No, he was saying, "Gray!," as in the hair.

Hey. Least I've GOT the stuff up top:P

When we worked together, I knew he had acreage on the outer limits of the Rochester area. I didn't know, until today, that he's turned that acreage into an active farm for raising sheep.  Apparently they were leftover from a local school district's 4-H project and they had nowhere to go before winding up on his back eighty.  They're bred for meat rather than wool, although he's yet to serve any of them at his current firm's summer barbecues- and he showed his lambs at the local county fair last month to great glee.

Amazing what you don't know about people you spent years working with.


Tomorrow, Eleanor and I both head back there. Me, for a slightly later court date and some office appointments; she, to finalize the Camera Thingamabob she's been working on for Emily for weeks.  This is now known as Long Day II: Electric Boogaloo.

See yas on the other side....

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bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: September 12th, 2013 05:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
One of the better improvements in modern automobiles is the automatic headlamp. Though I will admit it was a little unnerving the first time I walked away from it with the headlights still on, trusting they would turn themselves off as designed.
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