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"And of course there'll be sport...." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"And of course there'll be sport...."

*The pro kind, for starters.

It's that rare overlapping time of the year, when all three sports I follow are "on." Not that many of those "on" moments are counting for anything. The Mets, deprived of their best hitter and pitcher for weeks due to season-ending injuries, have been playing out a pretty depressing string the past several weeks. Yet I do have plans, contingent on a downstate court appearance going in two weeks, to be at Citi Field for their final game of the season on Sunday the 29th.

The Sabres, fully expected to do nothing or even less this season, are in camp and play their first exhibition game in Montreal tonight; the regular hockey season begins almost seamlessly with the ending of baseball's regular season. 

Which leaves Da Bills, the only team playing games that matter at the moment.  Last week, they lost their season opener on a last-minute comeback drive by Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, who's seemingly been engineering such last-minute wins since Roman times.  Today, we watched in horror as Buffalo's new rookie QB E.J. Manuel turned the ball over twice in the second half, kept things close until a clock-eating Carolina drive left us down by six points with barely 90 seconds on the clock and no timeouts.

And.... Manuel transmitted his own, very first, last-minute Fantastic Finish, to win the game on its almost-final play.

This gives much hope to the long-depressed fans of the game around here- yes, we can do it, too:)


* To a (much) lesser extent, then, there's mine.

I haven't done a fitness update here in months- odd, since the Dreamwidth version of this blog was originally used just for such entries (before the routine DDoS attacks on LJ got me in the habit of crossposting almost everything to both).  The short answer is: not much.

For over three years, I've maintained a two-a-week regimen of group fitness workouts with a very good trainer, and get into a bigger/dirtier/cheaper gym most days for cardio. That regimen is now up, more often than not, to eight miles at a time on an elliptical. Overall, it's kept me at a decently energetic level, but I hit sticking points at times and have been at one for awhile.

When I first started in all seriousness, I quickly dropped close to 40 pounds- and then stayed within five pounds of 260 for close to a year.  When I got a bit more religion earlier this year, I tried cutting out some routine carbs, and made that sticking point in the midrange of 255, where it's now been for a couple of months.  The extra cardio doesn't seem to have changed it, but I have some other things to try that may get it down another notch.

One such thing is to try resuming road training.  I haven't run a proper 5K in over a year (the closest thing in 2013, being more impromptu than improper, was a Boston Solidarity event in Delaware Park organized by a friend of mine, which was more "two trips around the park, 20 minutes apart" that more-or-less came close to the 5K mark. Other than that, I did not repeat either of the formal 5Ks from last year (the Boston one is actually next Sunday and I have little hope of being ready for it), although I did re-up for the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot, a five-miler I finished last year.  If I can find something, someplace, as a goal to work toward between now and then, I can get outside again (especially now that the heat of summer has finally broken) and start working up to a decent, nearly walk-free, pace for one of these.  If you're within, oh, 400 miles of here and have an upcoming event that's still open between now and November, let me know and I might just join you.

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From: mayiwrite Date: September 16th, 2013 02:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
I haven't really run since I left New York, and I'm about 2,000 miles away instead of 400. If you keep us posted on your running events, I'll be sure to cheer for you.
ellettra From: ellettra Date: September 16th, 2013 07:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been hearing great things about Manuel. I don't claim any super allegiance to any of the teams, although I guess if I have to call one "mine" it's the Patriots. But I really enjoyed watching the Seahawks last night, too. I just LIKE FOOTBALL.

As for running. I like your idea of some goal setting. I'm way farther than 400 miles, but maybe we could virtually partner up. :)

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