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Hey hey hey it was just an ordinary day.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Hey hey hey it was just an ordinary day....
As Wednesday fades in the rear-view mirror, it's looking to have not been all that bad.

Fail the First- having a settlement screwed up by an "arrogant bastard" (the settlement payer's term), who, it turns out, didn't have the right to do what he did. Not only did I educate him, he actually wound up assisting me in getting my settlement payment direct from the bank in question.

All make and manner of technology was Failing around me, but I've come up with an idea that should minimize that in the future when I'm in the Rochester office.

In the end, I did get two massive sets of papers prepared, filed and sent where they needed to be sent, without having to make a second trip back to Rachacha. So THAT comes off the Fail list.

Only one blot really remains- a seemed-worse-than-it-was bankruptcy hearing with an inexperienced trustee, who was hacking his kids' cold all over the room, had even worse things coming out of his mouth when he was talking, and had my clients somewhere near the corner of Tears and Fistfighting before I could settle them down. Yet even there, there was relative good in that room. There were only two cases on, and the first, a much simpler one, was the first-ever case I've seen of a same-sex couple sitting down before a bankruptcy trustee in a jointly filed case.

In retrospect, it's surprising I'd not seen one before. Same-sex marriage has been legal in New York for over two years now, and also in 2011, at least one Bankruptcy Court in this state upheld the right of such a couple to file if legally married in spite of the seeming prohibition of it in the recently deceased Defense of Marriage Act.  Whether or not the issue ever came up before the death of DOMA, it's dead now, and Ms. and Ms. X had no trouble whatsoever getting their case through the system.

The only thing I noticed that made them seem any different from the thousands of debtors I've seen in those chairs? They were way better prepared with, even proud of, their forms of identification. Both had already gotten their new hypenated-names onto their licenses and Social Security cards. Hell, it takes major teeth-pulling with half my hetero clients to get them to even remember their ID's.

So it was a small step for two women, but evidence of a giant leap in where our culture is going.


Two quick updates about that:

I've submitted the formal documents to our local church's governing council (of which I am no longer a voting member), and I am hopeful that they will be voting to join Reconciling Ministries at a meeting next Tuesday night.   Our minister reaffirmed his support for the effort; the voting members were also sent a full copy of his sermon from the beginning of August which inspired me to continue this cause. The audio of it is on the church website here and is worth the listen; if anyone wants it in printed form, let me know; I have it but can't find where they've hidden the texts on the website

I also saw that several of you subscribed to the letterstobishop feed.  It seems to be too much of a good thing for LJ's fetcher; the attempts keep failing as being "too big."  If you've got your own form of aggregator, the original site remains


And there's no Fail in any of that whatsoever:)

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captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: September 20th, 2013 10:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. It means a lot coming from one who's definitely in that number:)
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