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Random notes from the House of the Creeping Crud - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Random notes from the House of the Creeping Crud

My version of last week's bug seems to be on the way out. Eleanor's running about two days behind me on it, but she's now into the Clean All The Things activity I seemed strangely attracted to on Sunday.  My bigger complaint, earlier today, was my back- aggravated, no doubt, by a good 3-4 hours of driving yesterday plus plenty of sitting in non-Comfy Chairs in various places. Today, I had three court appearances in the same place, but broke them up with walks around the building and in and out to feed the parking meter and such, and I think that helped.  Soon I will even try cardio.


I also need a couple of things from Wegmans. One is the cranberry-pomegranate juice mix I've been slogging daily in place of OJ since last year's kidney stone episode.  At an ass hour today, I scribbled it on the grocery list, but it came out looking more like "cran porn."  I immediately remembered Rule 34, and concluded, yes, I suppose you could make porn out of cranberries and pomegranates.  I then started looking absently around the kitchen to ensure that everything else in eyeshot fit the rule.

The counting stopped when I got to the three rubber ducks on top of the spice rack.  Some rules are just meant to be broken;)


Just now, our cross-street neighbor and I introduced two of our dogs to each other. Her only one, for now, is Bernie Bob, a basset who lost two of his homey dogs in the past few months.  I leashed up Ebony and walked her over to meet him, and they got along quite nicely. She snarled at him once, when he was getting a little too in-your-face with her, but of course neither she nor he had any issues with them being in-your-butt with each other.

She was well-behaved overall, and if anything seemed a little quiet.  Since he's been through doggy grief and she likely knows some is coming, I think they'll make good buds for each other.


In under 24 hours, two women I'm close with- one friend, one co-worker, announced their pregnancies, both in unusual ways.

The co-worker didn't out-and-out tell us, but when I saw her chowing down a lunch consisting of a bag of popcorn and a stick of jerky, I knew something was up. Her boss had noticed other signs- matching those of another co-worker who got preggers around this time last year- and he was the one who outed her.

Then, my (and probably your, or she should be) dear friend mayiwrite texted me this morning to announce her blessed event.  First time I'd ever gotten the news that way- and a cautionary tale of the unintended consequences that can come from unprotected sexting;)


I know, I know. Do my cardio and go buy my cran-porn. Out.

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