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Don't b♭.... don't b♯ .... just b lated;) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Don't b♭.... don't b♯ .... just b lated;)
Since I didn't wind up with the back end of an 900-mile drive on my plate yesterday, I naturally managed to forget some important birthdays. Used to be I'd always acknowledge them here; now, it's just so much easier to hit that Facey-birthday cakey-wakey, say a few words, laugh at the choices of birthday gift options and pass on the wishes.

Didn't even do that.  Hence, penance.

To bill_sheehan, who can take the principles of atheism and raise them to cathedral-like splendor (and who knows all the smells and bells that go with them there anyway); who never ceases to bring a laugh, a smile, or a good think, if not all three; and who we, somehow, will one day meet in the Hub of the Universe or some nearby home of shady rest....

And to la_rainette, who isn't as prolific but is just as profound; who we've grown to know and love even as our own families have grown so much before our very eyes; and who, blessedly, we did get to meet the once and hope to again....

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