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Reads and Heards - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Reads and Heards
Things have been piling up, but in a good way. My last two completed reads, and the one now in progress, are all by authors who, though we've never met-met, I've had online discussions with, and I find that books of friends go more quickly.  I've now passed my total books-read total for 2012, with two whole months to go, and with several more waiting to be released and/or devoured.

Two finishes back was Crooked Numbers, the second mystery by a guy from my home town and high school, who now lives and teaches in New York City. He was three years behind me, so our paths never crossed, but he remains loyal to the community and I enjoyed the latest in the series.  Some dude reviewed it here.

From there, it was on to the second of three novels from another talented teacher-author, Matthew Dicks. This one's protagonist is harder to handle than either the odd breaker-and-enterer of his debut work, or the imaginary friend at the heart of his most recent, but Milo grows on you as you go, and he weaves a nice tale through some sometimes-rough going.

Next up is My Own Miraculous, the e-prequel to Joshilyn Jackson's upcoming full-length novel, which is out next month. Res ipsa Joss; I'd read her adaptation of the Decatur, Georgia telephone book because she'd find the best and strangest characters in it and make them do wonderfully strange things.

There's also an e-book including the first Kate Danley Maggie mystery that I've read (duh, and edited) but also packages in five other similar works by fantastic authors; a couple of books about dogs Eleanor's either finished or is working on; and, eventually, my own third NaNo, which Ima gonna begin in just over 48 hours:)


On the music side, I did some decluttering over the weekend; making room in our CD storage area for both routine new acquisitions and a good-size section of shelf for the mostly-jazz collection that a Facebook friend gifted us several weeks ago.

Before we ate tonight, Eleanor pulled one of them out- an album by a guy named Colin Hay.  A few tracks in, she said, Gee, he sounds like the singer in that Australian band, you know,.... vegemite sandwich?

Right, I replied. Men at Work. Hmmmm,.... wasn't their lead singer's name also Colin?

Of course it was. And Hay is for Horses if you don't recognize that it's the same guy.  Very different sound, but distinctly him.

Even with all the music under this roof and under our heads, it's always amazing to discover stuff we didn't know:)

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symian From: symian Date: October 31st, 2013 12:21 am (UTC) (Link)
It is great that you have kept up the devotion to reading. :)
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