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And may the cheap Chinese crap be ever in your favor! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
And may the cheap Chinese crap be ever in your favor!

Is it any wonder why the Hunger Games franchise is so successful?

Powerful people from the Capitol lure the proles into an annual arena, using a cornucopia of shiny things, to induce thrilling filmable hand-to-hand combat. To motivate the tributes, they send down periodic additional gifts, and they fight on, even to the death.

Sounds like a movie review? More like today's (and now, even yesterday's) headlines. Just change the spelling of Capitol to Capital and it reads out perfectly.

I have no interest, no motivation and no testosterone for this madness. I did get up and out at sick o'clock today, but it was partly because Eleanor has to work a full day of retail hell today, and mainly because Emily's car needs tires and today's my only chance to do it where the warranty came from.

Because a safe ride- especially after two Saturdays ago- is a much loftier goal than beating the shit out of someone over a five dollar toaster.

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