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Advent-ures in Life - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Advent-ures in Life
The Christmas season officially began on the church calendar today with the lighting of the first Advent candle.  As I understand the traditions, it is a much bigger deal in the UK than here, but the Methodists always at least make a respectful stab at using these four Sundays as a demarcation of the season. Rich preached on the parallels between the Bedlam of Black Friday (face it- Black Whole Freakin' November now) and the contrasting Little Town-ness of Bethlehem (which the word "bedlam" actually derives from, since the London asylum that became the synonym for such craziness was originally the home of the New Order of St Mary of Bethlehem).

For me, it basically marked the end of five days off (mostly) from work. I'm sure I will pay for that in the coming days, and other distractions lie ahead, as well.  Tomorrow morning, I take Ebony in for a routine heartworm test, and for what will hopefully be a routine consult on some skin problems she's got. The biggest of them is a growth on her tummy which has gotten bigger and uglier in recent weeks- one we hope, at a minimum, won't be uncomfortable to remove and, at most, won't be evidence of something worse.  She also has bruises on her muzzle and something on one paw that she keeps gnawing at.

Eleanor and I will need to switch cars for this Advent-ure, since the rental has a no-pets restriction on it. Yes, I'm still driving the damn thing. Even though I got them the title virtually as soon as physically possible after they advised of the settlement amount, the news came too late for a check to be issued before the holiday, and so it'll be Tuesday at the earliest if they overnight it and more likely Wednesday or Thursday. (They at least extended the Mafia Staff Car rental through the 5th.)  But it just pushes back the half-day it will no doubt take to switch the plates, sign the docs and get everything all in order.

Finally, I have to get in my new health insurance paperwork this week, along with the first quarterly payment for 2014. I will no longer be a Redshirt, as Independent Health isn't offering policies through the Chamber of Commerce or the exchanges to individual subscribers.  I looked into two different options from two separate Blue divisions, and settled on one closest to what I have now- a slightly lower quarterly premium, but a $600 deductible before I get any benefit out of it. (It's essentially what Eleanor has had since the start of this year, and long as you sock away that $600 to cover meds and such at the beginning, it goes quickly and then just about everything's covered).

I only had two court gigs this week, and one of them got postponed, so that will help with all this distraction. And speaking of distractions, it's feeding time at the zoo here, so....

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