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It's Not Easy _____ing Green:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It's Not Easy _____ing Green:P
Ebony slept most of the day after her stressful close-up with Dr. DeMille. We wound up a lot busier than she was.

Eleanor had gone to work before we left for the vet, and I came back, puttered at my desk a bit, and then realized I'd turned the ringer off on my phone during the appointment and Eleanor had called. She'd just set up an appointment with an opthamologist on account of some Strange Stuff she'd been seeing in one eye since Thanksgiving- for 1:30 yesterday afternoon. Given that such appointments usually result in drops, and dilations, and driving danger, I drove her to and from it.

The verdict? Not as bad as some other possibilities. She's got cataracts in that eye (and the other one), but they're a relatively simple procedure to remove compared to bad things with retinas, macular degeneration and whatnot (those all checked out negative).  She has a pre-op appointment on the 16th and then, we hope, a quick resolution.

When we got home, it was my turn to drop everything:

We were quite surprised to find the settlement check for the totaled car in our mailbox; they'd told us last week that, due to the long weekend, they wouldn't even issue it until today. So I immediately called the salesperson to say it was okay to set it up for today and they said the car would be ready by 5.

The car was- shiny, with the good-juju-from-Janis plates hammered out and back on him- but the paperwork wasn't close to being ready. It took most of an hour to get an insurance card faxed at that time of day, and of course I had to be upsold on extended warranties and all that crap. But we were just about ready to shake hands and take Happy New Owner pictures when the Grim Reaper came over from the rental side of the building:

Mafia Staff Car had been hit.

Not badly- certainly not enough for me to have noticed- but a door dinged its front right side (weird, because I had two near-misses in that car but both were on the left). Since my insurance company didn't pay for the damage waiver, they were making me sign tons of reports and disclosures before I could drive home. I seriously considered calling home for a ride and canceling the whole thing over them being shits over such pettiness, but in the end my face won out over my spiting nose and I thanked Asha for everything that had gone well and wasn't her fault- but I will, still, NEVER buy a car from the same people I'm renting from if, gods forbid, this ever happens again.

Now I just have to drive Kermie over to- where else?- a collision shop, to get his state-mandated used-car picture taken to prove it wasn't a wreck when I bought it. That will keep the collision coverage on him, and after last month, we know better than ever how important THAT is.

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