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A Friday of Fish Stories- Part One: Fresh. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Friday of Fish Stories- Part One: Fresh.
The day did not begin well. Bad dreams and still-sore feet from a round of box jumps two nights before, which had me up in the night and then contributed to some oversleeping.  Still, the morning was quiet, I had no appointments and only had to make Rochester in time to visit Emily briefly before our 4:30 office party.  So I got some work-work done after cleaning up the kitchen, and then decided to tackle a project I didn't want to put off tomorrow, in case the weather wound up stranding me or wearing me out.

We've had aquarium fish since Em was a youngun- she won a goldfish in some kind of summertime carnival, promptly named Fishy Fish, and his descendants have since occupied larger quarters than the cheap round bowl that came with the prize.  FF originally lived in a 10-gallon tank, but for many years we upped that to a larger one that bit it over this past summer.  So the 10-gallon job came back up, and it was plenty big for the two outdoor comets that survived the summer eating mosquitoes outdoors.  A couple of weeks ago, one, and then the second, died in relative haste, and I replaced them with three n00bs from Petsmart.

Fearful of more homicides, Eleanor asked me to clean it this weekend. More than once, in fact. Enough so that I was determined to get it done before hitting the road today.  The 10-gallon job's much easier than the bigger one, as I can lift the entire full tank from the platform-on-wheels where it resides to the counter next to the sink.  Early into the job, Bad Things began to happen. The heater unit, barely six months old, cracked and spilled charcoal all over the water. I made a note: new heater. Undaunted, I moved the threesome into a milk jug, cleaned the tank thoroughly, refilled it, put it back down on the platform, added the last of the dechorinator fluid (made note: new bottle), rolled it over the little bump separating kitchen from living room, and.... flood.

Sometime in its long life, it must've acquired a hairline crack on the bottom, and that bump, on this day, was what broke the hairline's back. It wasn't as messy or wet of a flood as the one that heralded the last tank's death, but it took nearly every available towel in the house to get it relatively under control. Fishies are now very temporarily in a tank Em and Cameron had used to house a single fish of their own, which is in need of filtration, light and heat (third note: new 10-gallon tank). But at least it's clean- and done.

The other variously fishy tales of today- one fried, one very frozen- will have to wait until tomorrow.

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glenmarshall From: glenmarshall Date: December 14th, 2013 05:37 am (UTC) (Link)
You could always get a larger salt water tank and stock it with tasty species.
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