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Waiting for Goodeyes - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Waiting for Goodeyes

Eleanor's been in for close to an hour, and this is just more evaluation. Hopefully she will get surgery date(s) set today, and better sooner than later. I know the uncertainty has been wearing on her, and I'm not immune to it, either.

We also have Ebony's surgery scheduled- for the first Monday in January. My father's birthday- always a good day to be anaesthetized;)

I stayed close to home today on account if this noontime errand, dealing workwise mostly with clients who, previously, didn't read things I sent, didn't listen to things I said, and didn't show up at places I was. Sometimes being conscientious seems barely worth the bother.

One more day of cold and flurries, and then three days of rain, which will run off our snowcap and produce, likely, a Christmas that's wet rather than white and a New Years of backed up plumbing. Yee hah.

The beloved's about done. More whining later.

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