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Thinking ootside the Boxing Day - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Thinking ootside the Boxing Day

United Statesians really don't observe the December 26 thang the way the rest of the current and former Empire do it- although this year, the guys who defined the event years ago as "Wrestling Day" are showing up in a commercial for a local muffler/brake shop-

Still, unofficially at least, the day was quasi-holidayish- I think I took all of three work calls and got maybe two emails all day- but even so, wow. Tired. Eleanor, too, despite only a four-hour day (plus 30 minutes to collect some things from another store) after yesterday off.

Mine, at least, played out thusly:

* We got hit with a good morning blast of lake-effect snow, so I cleared off the kids' car, gassed it up (it was on fumes when I backed it out so I could get mine out), then spent most of the rest of the morning helping them fill out the no-fault paperwork so they can get reimbursed for the time they missed from work due to the accident and they can be sure the medical bills are all paid.

* Backing out my car was also necessary to retrieve our 2009 family tax folder from (literally) cold storage above the garage. That's where I still had receipts for my sister's 2009 purchase of a new hot water heater that blowed up on her earlier this month; her homeowners' deductible is a percentage of home value, so those receipts will help get close to $1,300 back from the manufacturer.

* Then, a whole afternoon of rounds. Office supply store, when four different things seemed to run out almost simultaneously; Bed Bath and Beyond, for a new griddle for the stovetop (to enable the actual use of the lovely gift of LL Bean pancake mix and syrup from one of my offices); then to a friend's office with some screwed-up title documents. Those, plus usual stops at office, bank and gym, getting me home just in time to see the kids off before they left between 6 and 7....

* except I didn't. They decided to hit the road early, so I missed saying goodbyes-for-now to Em, Cam and the newly-slightly-rechristened cat, Captain Grumpy, but I'll likely see them (or at least her) by the time of her birthday a week from tomorrow;

* and finally, a quieter night, just us two, catching two more As Time Goes By episodes (complete with inflatable elephant).

Tomorrow, I may wind up in Rochester, but more likely I'll just deal with the screwed-up title documents on the other end of the chain south of here, finish my 52nd read of the year (and possibly the 53rd) , and get ready for the inevitable march of Year In Review posts between now and the 31st. Including, possibly, one here.

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symian From: symian Date: December 27th, 2013 12:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just recently watched the entire "As Time Goes By" series on my Roku. I watch it at least once very couple of years. I love it!
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