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Frankful Friday - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Frankful Friday

Maybe I should just admit I'm never getting the hang of Thursdays and make this gratitude thing my very own.  It would have been harder to write yesterday, anyway, since Wednesday's child was full of suck and a lot of it got spilled over into Thursday morning and is still being cleaned up.  But still.

* I am thankful for a fleet of reliable transportation that got us where we needed to be (even when it was nowhere but here) during some of the worst weather we've had in 20 years.  I switched cars with Emily at the end of the day Wednesday because I'm retrofitting it with a car radio she can use to dock her iPhone; it's the one I started driving in 2006, now nine years old, with over 170K on it and probably in need of a half-dozen minor things fixed on it. Still, it remains the comfortable, reliable and efficient transport that it was in the eight years I was putting the last 130K of miles on it.  We also now know the answer to the ultimate Smart Car question: yeah, it's cute but how does it handle in the snow?  It handles fine, Eleanor reports.  Its only failing, as with all of our cars, is that it doesn't repel the idiots coming at it from all directions.

* We also don't give nearly enough appreciation to how much easier technology has made our lives. All Emily wanted was a plug to be plugged into her existing car radio (it even has an AUX button on it), and she even researched some DIY solutions to it, but the replacement I saw yesterday, for all of about $150, will give her complete control of her phone's music, and her phonebook to use as a hands-free talkie device, from the controls on the dash.

* Gratitude is just as nice when it's incoming, and yesterday I got a call from a client whose case I spent the better part of Monday working on.  I didn't hear back until Wednesday, when they finally asked me to make some changes, but the call yesterday was just to thank me and tell me what a good job I'd done with what they'd given me to work with.  I always appreciate that as much as actual payment, and must make a better effort of doing the same when I appreciate someone else's good effort.

* Despite watching little actual television these days (mostly without sound at the gym in the late afternoons, where the sights of Maury and Bethenny and Steve! are enough to make you want to pull an Elvis on the set), there's so much other Good Stuff out there that keeps me entertained and anticipating more.  Sherlock finishes this Sunday night, and the DVD should be here by month-end; we're planning to see Her this weekend; and Golden Globe awards and Oscar nominations should give Philomena the credit it so richly deserves.

* And I could always end these with a shoutout to all the wonderful friends we've made through these musings, but I think this week I'll start naming names, and what better one to name today than nentikobe since it's her birthday? (Or was, or will be; never did understand that date-line stuff.)  It's also incredibly gratifying to find that she's now become good friends with other good people she met through us; that's as effective way to pay friendship forward as you can:)

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nentikobe From: nentikobe Date: January 13th, 2014 01:41 am (UTC) (Link)
*warm fuzzies*

Which aren't required, because we're boiling hot down here, but still good :) Thank you :)

I do wish there was a car that repelled idiots. I would purchase that in a heartbeat.
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