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Small worlds. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Small worlds.
There are, what?, 20 million people living in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area? 

Counting everybody, conceivably, who I know, knew, am or was friends with? Maybe the number hits 2,000. More likely, it's closer to 1K either side.  Some know each other. Most don't.

Of those 1-2,000, I maintain Facebook contacts with perhaps 100. One of them is a musician who I met here, but who lives there. I've been to two of her performances in Western New York. Let's call her D.  She posted yesterday that she'd just visited a school in northern New Jersey prior to doing a church concert in nearby Jersey City.

There are dozens, hundreds, more? schools based in the Tri State Area.  If I fell to counting sheep on an insomniac night I might be able to count a hundred or so of them that I know (of). Yet I recognized this school's name- distinctive, small, and where another friend of mine (also connected from people local to WNY) teaches.  She will go by J. She is also a musician in her own right, who also performs regularly in sacred music settings.

I emailed J, to see if, by chance, she'd had a chance to meet D when she was at J's school yesterday.  Not only did she, but J's students participated in the concerts at the Jersey City church.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time here in the B-lo and over in Rochester, but when it carries over to two of the largest cities on this continent (as this did today and a similar experience did last month), my mind just rather explodes.

But in a good way:)

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