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Not believers in "retail therapy," but.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Not believers in "retail therapy," but....
Some days just seem destined to procure Stuff, and procure we did.

Eleanor went first- ordering two new pairs of kicks from New Balance, which she goes through like water, or, more precisely, like cement, since that's what her feet are on 30-plus hours a week at the store.  Then she headed off to Bed Bath & Beyond for barstools. We have a couple of them that match our actual bar in the finished part of the cellar (and which we've never used as such in almost 20 years), but they're up too high for her to use for either cooking or gardening. Since we always have a gagillion BB&B "20% off AN item" coupons, I suggested she get one, make sure it worked, and I'd head over and use another coupon for the second.

Which worked fine, except.... no second coupon. It's rather amazing, since they seem to come three times a week at the height of the holidays. But no matter. A quick check of retailmenot verified that anyone can get a one-timer for that percentage if they just contribute their email address to the store's website.

I didn't see anything about not using a disposable address, and so, when it was my turn, the names were changed to protect the spammy:


We now have two barstools, with about $15 saved. That went right into my other purchase of the day:

This is a cover album that just came out, returning the original Scratch from four years ago when Peter Gabriel did an album of his covers of many songs. The new one contains some awesome-sounding renditions- David Byrne rendering "I Don't Remember" almost unrecognizable and yet brilliant; Arcade Fire playing "Games without Frontiers" (I've never been big with them, but am much more so after their contributions to the soundtrack of Her); a cover of "Solsbury Hill" by Lou Reed that I fully expect to make me cry; and, if THAT doesn't, I'm betting Paul Simon will with his album finale of "Biko" (presciently more so given Mandela's passing).


Finally, I got wine. Uneventful as a purchase, but for the second time this week, the cashier was reading a book on her Nook about the Bronte sisters, where the black-and-white image of them looked remarkably like the Three Stooges.  Last time, I merely pointed this out to her; today, I was full-on riffing on it, complete with pantomine eye pokes and Curly eye rolls during the "woo-WOO-woo-woo-woo-thering Heights!" part.

As with the previous time, mind, all of this was before I even started drinking.


Consumerland should now be safe from us for a day or so. Except for the birdseed. And the cat toys (once they get bored with the two new boxes). And the pop....

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