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Chin Chin-nerry.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Chin Chin-nerry....
The LA Times is  bemoaning the fact that the final Tonight Show has aired from Beautiful Downtown Burbank, as the Jaw of Late Night is about to hand over the torch- again- to a worthy successor.

Spare me.

I am one of millions who regularly let Johnny Carson into my home in the late night hours, a distinction that he earned. Typically, we'd keep the VCR running past that, to capture Letterman's Late Night installments, which by the early 90s were fresher, funnier and attractive of more talent (especially musical and stand-up) than Johnny's 11:3(5) franchise was.

Instead, The Chin got into that coveted time slot under that coveted brand name. I watched his debut episode- not the near-sacred handoff of the microphone that his Frau Blücher producer wanted, but still- thereafter, though, I doubt if I've ever watched a single Tonight Show episode of his in anything resembling its entirety since.

Leno's been white bread and mayonnaise for the near entirety of our daughter's life. Dave was Rupert's "Hello Deli,"with somewhat scarier offerings. Conan, the Chin's once and previous successor, was even edgier.  And now, one of the Jimmies is going to be coating the franchise until, who knows, maybe they'll dig Johnny or Jack Paar back up to raise their ratings with Metamucil babies like me.

Earlier tonight, we watched, and laughed through, Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat- despite all its apparent miscogyny and homophobia and even rape jokes.  We accepted them because we knew who was being laughed AT versus laughed WITH.  In the Special Features, there were two clips from late night shows of the time.  First, Conan, being chased round the set for samples of his red-haired pubic hairs; the other, with Leno using Martha Stewart as essentially a prop while "Borat" tried to make a bed for "sexy time" with the blonde, prison-grizzled American hostess.  Jay seemed to want to just stand back while Cohen made the comedy; Conan was more than happy to have it pointed at the worst place for a male comic to see something pointed.

I wish Jimmy well. Likewise, Conan and Dave, in their respective purgatories. The Chin can just recede into the final depth of meaningless, far as I'm concerned.

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