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Right place. Right time. Right person. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Right place. Right time. Right person.
As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't go hoggy wildy for Valentines this year.  Having it fall on a Friday made the marketing blitz for it all the worse.  Eleanor had to work in Heart-Shaped Central all of this week, with romantic music blaring and endless parades of guilt-tripped lovers hauling their buy-it-or-else loads of stuff.  I was spared that, but was in the car a lot this week and got to hear the perpetual pounding of the commercials containing the same kinds of threats.

So my beloved got a card; she made soup for dinner; and we watched the Beatles, who say far more meaningful stuff about love than anything ProFlowers or Exteria Day Spa have to offer.

Then, this morning, this happened:

I saw it as I was heading to the gym around 8:15.  I almost lost the shot of it because my @#$% phone of course chose that very moment to announce it was All Full Up and couldn't handle a single pixel.  But after clearing some voicemails, some saved pics and a third-to-go episode of Night Vale (don't worry, Carlos, I'll get you back;), and after a car came north to south and, fortunately, only made the straight tracks to the left of the hearts, I got the shot.

By the time I returned from the workout and the leftover banking from yesterday's late-day closing (the teller even gave me my sadly needed extra $40 cashier's check for free:), the coating had all melted, and the hearts were gone.

Except the ones here.  Happy Valentines, Eleanor- as the Beatles once said, Yesterday and Today:)

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