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Forget Jacques Brel. It's Murphy who's alive and well:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Forget Jacques Brel. It's Murphy who's alive and well:P
You've experienced the same thing, I'm sure; electronic devices failing on you at the worst possible times.  This morning, it was Eleanor's El Cheapo™ burner of a cell phone. She's had it for close to three years after replacing the last dead one with a $15 Wally World special. And that's all she wants- no iThis or Galaxy That.

But when she's within half an hour of having to leave for work and needs to make two important calls about Monday's surgery? Of COURSE that's when her phone decides to crap out. (Emily actually previewed this a few minutes before: she called me because she said she couldn't reach Mom).

Usually you fix Mom's phone by rebooting it. But not this time:

Sure looks like a whitish-grey screen of death to me:P

So I skipped to the next step in the process, removing the battery and giving it a hard restart.  While Eleanor was talking with the surgery peeps on the landline (which, blessedly, now works:), I was trying to pry the back of the sucker off so I could get it completely powered down.  It wouldn't open. There's a slot in the middle of the back that looks, for all appearances, like it's intended to be the prying point- one that we tried all make and manner of appendages with. Thumbs, coins, screwdrivers from teeny to blammo size. Nothing.

And yes, believe it or not, we were anal enough to keep the manual for this stupid little $15 phone. But not anal enough to remember where the damn thing is. I've seen it dozens of times when not looking for it, so naturally I have no idea where that place or places might be now that I am.

Finally, Eleanor said what I was thinking:

Huh. Usually the way I get it open is to just drop it.

It certainly happens enough on its own, what with three cats and some clumsy humans cavorting on and around the counters. So I let her throw out the first pitch. Nothing.

I tried a drop from a decent altitude. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Finally, I resorted to throwing it down the hallway. Now the animals are lookin' at us funny.

Just now, Eleanor left for work, leaving the burner behind.  And just now, I finally noticed that the frame of the phone looked a little loose. So I pried it there a little, and it popped open like magic. That groove on the back must be just to root out the stupidest of drug dealers or something.

I reset the battery, the phone turned right on, and the voice mails are now happily coming in.

Murphy can now take the rest of the day off:P

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