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Fun around the house.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Fun around the house....
My, we've all been busy little beavers the past 24 hours....

I visited our former neighbor Sally at the assisted living chateau she's been at the past year and a half.  Highlighting that visit was seeing this, which her granddaughter brought her back from Japan:

It's just.... I don't know. I'm reminded of that thing embedded in the Fruity Oaty Bar ad in Serenity that make River go all Hulk-Smash. It's that intoxicating.


Then home, where I'd filled the birdfeeder before leaving. Or, I should say, the squirrel feeder. This one rodent has basically claimed it as his very own, and even managed to get the top off for a real down-home eatin' experience.  Here's your Action News Reporter on the scene, scaring his little varmint ass away:

He was down there so far I probably could've trapped him; but what would I have done then?


During the night, Ebony unplugged the AC cord to the router, leaving all our computers without internet. This will be important later.


By late morning, I needed to get ready for church, and had (I thought) enough time to replace that router altogether, with a combined cable modem/wireless box we bought last weekend during the adventure of replacing Eleanor's new puter. Last year, Time Warner began allowing customers to buy their own (from a limited approved selection) instead of renting their cable modem in perpetuity for six bucks a month plus tax. (The break-even will come in about three years, but the sooner you start,...)

It turned on just fine, and connected by ethernet to Eleanor's laptop to do the setup okay, once we overcame one little problem. All the instructions in this brand-new box were written on the assumption that you were running XP- the very operating system that's going to die of non-support in about 48 hours. At first, the laptop wouldn't even run the installation CD, but it did downshift into a "compatability mode" that worked fine from there.

"Fine," that is, except for needing to call Time Warner on a Sunday morning to register the new box, and needing to call Motorola (or whatever Google's calling them now that they've bought that legacy brand) to reset the default username and passwords on the brand-new box which were not the defaults the manual said they were. Amazingly, both of these processes were successful, even on a Sunday morning.

Church then beckoned, so I'll save the last part of the story for later.


Eleanor, meanwhile, was operating in more dangerous territory. She replaced two ancient two-outlet, two-prong electrical sockets in our kitchen with brand-new, three-prong, ground-fault-circuit-interruptor ones. I'm sure she'll post about the details, but the two likely hadn't seen the light of day in the almost 55 years since they went in, and they required great effort and imagination to excavate them, replace them and test them.


All that remained was to introduce our other devices to the router built in to the new cable modem. The default network name was dull, and the wifi password was ridiculously long, so I changed the latter to.... something.... but I can share the name of the new network itself:

Time will only tell if Ebony does a better job of listening to the network than she does to us;)

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