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RA. Dick-y. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
RA. Dick-y.

Congratulations to UConn, who rose from a 7-seed to win the NCAA hoops title. I have no connection with the school, but that's okay, because their student section definitely has at least one empty seat in it-- this guy's:

"Derek" is an RA in a UConn dorm, and he instantly went viral as a symbol of everything that's wrong with America, higher education, and sports- not necessarily in that order.  The vitriol that's been dumped on him for Debbie Downering this underdog team's championship run is a little funny, and also a little weird, because now, close to 24 hours after it was first embedded in a tweet, nobody is quite sure whether Derek the RA actually exists or not.

Seems plausible to me, at least.  I was never an RA (Eleanor was, at her college), and ours were among the most nitpickity, upline-brownnosing, obsequious twits you could find.  They tended to get their free room and board on account of "legacy" connections (our freshman year RA was the son of a university trustee, earning him the title "Idiot at Large" every time you spake his F. Middle Lastname.) Even worse were the head residents, generally married grad/prof students who got full apartments in the dorms in exchange for handing out punishments.  Ours was an overworked law student that we rarely heard a peep out of, but the moron who ran the building across the "dustbowl" from us would encourage our residents to narc on students, as well, when we came over to his building to do our laundry.  We didn't like Matt, and we let him know it. Having pizzas delivered to him was just juvenile (and he could probably identify the fakers from the offenses they'd just committed), so we went higher-class with our abuse. He may have been the most generous donor to WCNY's fall 1977 PBS pledge drive, and so many different voices called in!

In a way, I was surprised to find that uni's were still funding these positions by the time Emily got to RIT. The days of in loco parentis are long gone, and she certainly never got any benefit out of having one of these "mentors" on her floor.  Now that Derek has raised an entire nation's consciousness about how useless they are, maybe they'll switch to a more 21st century way of controlling student behavior. Like replacing Siri on every one of their phones with Derek the App.

(Oh, and in the end? Derek, if there really is a Derek, sent out a semi-apologetic followup email (making clear, among other things, that the "cheering for laundry" reference was an attempted namecheck of an old Seinfeld joke); UConn did beat their favored opposition; and, yes, students rioted and set shit on fire.  But Derek, I'm guessing, still got a better night's sleep than I did:P)


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