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Going to the dogs. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Going to the dogs.
Ebony is doing much better after a full week of medication. She had what turned out to be a bacterial infection on her schnozz, and she was put on some horse-pill antibiotics to clear the underlying cause, but also an antihistamine/steroid combo to help it heal.

Which it has. But there are side effects.  These are the ones they told us about:


I can assure you, that's true.  Her water bowl is emptying at least three times a day despite us filling it to the near-brim, and especially at night, that water is heading out to the back yard at unfortunately regular intervals. I was up at least four times during the night just now playing Carlton Your Doorman for her.  Worse, though, is when Mr. and Mrs. Carlton are out all day, as they were yesterday.  We came home to major puddlage right next to this desk.  Two soaked towels later, I'm still running a fan at my feet and have an open window to help dry it out. (The phone says its 57F out there, but there's a freakin' wind chill here.)

Then there's what they didn't tell us:


Ebony's always been a little on the oral-fixation side, but these few days have been ridic. She's nailed at least two t-shirts, one or two pieces of underwear, a placemat and something of Eleanor's I could only identify in the wastebasket as "formerly purple."

We just halved the dosage again, and by middle of next week, the next time we'll both be out all day again, it'll have been halved again. So unless the Red Sox sign her, I'm hoping the roid rage will soon be over.


At least she's mostly quiet in all this. Next door, not so much.

The Kids Next Door have had a shiba inu puppy since they moved here last fall.  Her name is Lexi, and she's a sweet enough thing, but hasn't had much in the way of training. Many a night, she's let out to pee and just stays out despite efforts to get her in, barking and (we think) trying to hunt varmints that (we think) live under the unbasemented half of that house.  Eleanor got so frustrated with it a few weeks ago, she shlepped over in the dead of night in the still-frozen tundra trying to get them to contain it, and the couple wrote back a thorough and contrite reply, including their phone numbers.

Last night, Lexi went off again, and Eleanor (who sleeps about ten feet from where the dog goes out on our side of their yard) couldn't take it, so I went out several times to help wrangle her.  Then I wound up later with my own doorman duties, plus some insomnia to boot, so I decided to check on just who these 20-somethings over there are, by googling the phone numbers.

I'd suspected they were UB students, possibly (from some of the verbiage of the note they left) law students. Well, yes and no. I found L by number- and she's a fellow law school graduate of mine (29 years removed), and works for a firm I know in a field I'm in.

I also found a link to their wedding site- the Big Day is in August, and there are several registries.

Something for the dog, I'm thinking.

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