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May the Turd Be With You - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
May the Turd Be With You
It's a day too soon for May the Fourth, but that riff works for most of what I tried to accomplish today.

Our front stove burners both stopped working earlier this week. It's an electric model, resembling more a 1958 Buick than anything else, and two days ago I found replacements for both burners, which I picked up early this morning. But they're very touchy. A millimeter either way and they don't seat right. So I pronounced FAIL and Eleanor will try to have at it tomorrow.

She couldn't, today, because she got a desperate call at 9-something this morning to go in to cash at the store- this is a big prom weekend, so a lot of their younger cashiers were out of commission. She asked that, while she was out, I do some cleaning around the stereo area, which I did- and after which, at the time, I succeeded in reconnecting the rabbit warren of video/audio equipment to suit our tastes and seeing/hearing needs.  All the inputs displayed and sounded correct on their respective outputs. At noon, anyway.

Come this evening, though, none of it was behaving. My new computer had the final Portlandia downloaded, but I couldn't get sound through the living room stereo come hell or (suitably for the episode) high water. That meant dragging my old Vista machine out, re-downloading it for that, and delaying things before we finally got it.

Next, we continued a DVD until about 8:30, which worked fine- and left plenty of time to pop in a blank to record Orphan Black at 9. Except not. One of the cords between TV and DVR suddenly stopped behaving, and  by the time 9 p.m. rolled round, there was no hope of it. It's a fairly cheap and accessible part, but Radio Shack's not open at this hour, so we're going to have to hope we can on-demand it tomorrow in order to see what-all is up with the grrls.

Speaking of my new computer, it's almost ready to go into full-time service. It took hours, but I got my Outlook email archived and onto it earlier today, and that function is now ready. Billing will move onto Tobor as soon as I get this week's completed on this machine. Then it's just copying over data and music files, and making sure my phone syncs nicely with the new setup, and I can finally put this old beast into semi-retirement.

So just a bit more than two more hours of May the Turd. Sorry to dump on you;)

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