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Progress. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
More things work here today than did yesterday. This entry is posted from Tobor, my first onboard the new Windows 8 laptop. All proggies are on, working, and syncing as they should. Still, lots of subtleties to get used to beyond the basic QWERTY keyboard; every puter puts the delete-home-pageup-pagedown keys in different places, and this one's number keypad works differently from its predecessor. We also had to adjust the sound, since direct connect from this laptop to our living room TV and stereo came out unbearably tinny. I found and applied an equalizer setting, and that should be good.

The test subject for that was last night's Orphan Black. I never did get things fixed in time to record it direct from BBCA last night, and by the time I purchased new cabling and reconnected everything, it was too late to do so (despite all the buzz, they're not re-airing it until Wednesday  night),  but we have Our Ways for these things and we got through last night's episode an hour or so ago. Interesting twists and turns on the road; suffice it that Felix had his own 3 May experience with "May the turd be with you."

Much of the rest of my setup was designed to kill Windows 8 features I dislike or am just not ready for. The last of these was something called "edge swipe," which is not the name of a band but a Thing that kept popping up a large clock and an annoying sidebar every time one of my fingers hit the right side of the touchpad.  It's dead, Jim.

Also unliving, for today anyway, are our front stove burners. We'll need to work some more at getting them to work later in the week.

In other news, my letter in the Bar newsletter must've started hitting member mailboxes yesterday (that's when I got mine), and I've already received two sympathetic emails from fellow lawyers who agree with my concerns. One of them may even work with me to put together a coordinated independent presence at the September convention. Won't that be fun?

I need Semagic on here, but this will do for now. Welcome, Tobor:)
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