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Mixed bag of a day.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Mixed bag of a day....
Not so good: woke up this morning with a pair of hurts. My left knee's back to bothering me after stupidly succumbing to step-ups and jumps on my last lower body day. Also, I have azit inside my left nostril that hurts more than when I had septum surgery 10-ish years ago.

Good: Both feel better now than they did first thing this morning.

Not so good: The Rochester office was a veritable Grand Central Station today, with four different clients (including one of mine) juggling one conference room for a two-plus hour stretch.

Good: We worked them all in, and I got done what I needed to, immediately following which our associate brought in her week-old baby boy, who slept and blinked and looked all cute and adorable for my final few minutes there.

Not so good: Kids weren't home by the time I was ready to leave, and I resigned myself to missing them (and the kitties) again.

Good: Just as I got on 490 to leave, they called to say they'd just gotten home. Quick detour, and a nice hour-plus hanging with them, making sure Em is on track to finish her thesis, graduate, and generally do well in the world.

Even better: Arthur, the kitty they just got, warmed up to me considerably, spending a good ten minutes snuggled in my lap.

Not so good: The mail on my return brought two pieces of bad news for a client I've been keeping out of major trouble for a very long time, which I'm not sure I can fix this time.

Good: Said mail also brought something I've been anticipating for all of the past week which will help things a lot.

Even better: Email retrieved soon thereafter brought word of a possible resolution of a case from 2009 which could singlehandedly make my month next month.

Good: Sara Bareilles posted on her Facebook page that she was revealing her 2014 summer tour today. We missed her last two stops here and would love to catch her.

Not so good: Her webpage for "tour" is gorked and revealed nothing.

Better: Other sites confirmed, though, that the tour includes Artpark (north of here and site of many concerts we've loved in the past).

Better still: the Artpark gig is on Eleanor's birthday in July.

OK, not that good: the actual Artpark ticket site said it was actually four nights earlier in July.

But still: tickets are remarkably reasonable, so I ordered five of them (as I did for about the same time and price last summer in Rochester to see Great Big Sea AND Carbon Leaf).

Um, remember good?: My printer wouldn't print the tickets using the wireless connection that Windows 8 somehow magically found, and attempts to install the printer software from the CD failed because Windows 8 isn't good enough for a Windows 7-max printer driver.

Unexpected good: despite red X-boxes saying the software didn't install, the driver appeared, and the tickets are printed.

Bad for tomorrow: Eleanor got a clusterfuck call as I came in the door about a project she'd been asked to work on.

Good for tomorrow: Potentially, everything else:)
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