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♫Getting to know yooooo, getting to reprogramming you with a very large axe...♫ - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
♫Getting to know yooooo, getting to reprogramming you with a very large axe...♫
My continuing climb up to the mountaintop of Windows 8 is not going as expected. Some programs do not work; others don't sync; others, still require search and rescue missions to find drivers to make them work. But in the end, there's nothing like some old fashioned stupidity to get in the way. Mine, primarily, if somewhat assisted by that of others.

Stupid One:

I have a client with a claim in the Kodak bankruptcy.  Despite the Great Yellow Father being as deeply Rochester as the Genesee River and the garbage plate, they chose to file their Chapter 11 in the downtown caverns of Manhattan's Southern District bankruptcy court. I am admitted in that court, and have electronic access to its docket. So when Kodak objected to my client being paid in full on a piddling $1,000 claim, I was required to file a response by today.

Drafting it? Easy. Assembling the needed documents in .pdf format to file through the electronic system? Peasy- once I updated my .pdf driver to an 8-compatible version. But actually filing the thing? Panic.

For despite my having filed certain specific things in specific places before, this was my first venture onto the general, and very large, docket of the case. (Once I succeeded, which I did #spoilers, the Notice of Electronic Filing, showing all the parties served with my dumb little two-page response, was 51 pages long.) And the protocol requires you begin with a command to "select the filer."

My client wasn't on the list. Rochester This and That were, but not Rochester Us. No way to add. I checked several back doors and alternate menus. Nothing. Finally, I resorted to the help desk- except this is Manhattan, where they hate us damn slow tourists. No number for the help desk on the website anywhere- except one reference to signing up for training classes, with a 212 number and an extension.

It woiked- and I explained my problem,only to learn it was of the PEBCAK variety: "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard."

If you look to the right of the drop-down list of existing filers, you'll see a link to "add new party."

Well, you WOULD see it, Ray, if, when you set up your freakin' browser on the new computer, you'd set your screen resolution right. Instead, you needed, now, to slide the little slidebar on the bottom over a little, and behold! Add new party!

So. Embarrassed.

Minutes later, everything went fine. I still haven't adjusted the view yet, though. Wouldn't want Joy Behar to get mad at me, yo.


That gets us to Stupid Two.

I also solved a much more minor problem- a true piece of anal, that I didn't want to bother our saintlike laptop salesperson with, much less bothering myself with having to reinstall 473 things on a Windows 8 puter from scratch all over again.

Yet there it was- and there it annoyed. Somehow, I'd managed to get a good inch-long piece of cat hair under the protective screen above the monitor. It just sat down next to the taskbar, glowering at me.  I tried poking a little, prodding even less, but couldn't dislodge it.

Somewhere in my computer gymnastics today, I wound up on the control panel corner for desktop backgrounds. The Toshiba default was pretty dull, and I selected one of a few other options. (Older Windows versions tended to have more, because 8 was designed to not feature a desktop at all but rather tablet-like "tiles"- a decision Microsoft is already walking back at high speed.)

The new one's nice- actually rotating several nature-like vistas (see what I did there?). Even better, though? The cat hair under the screen protection is gone. It was part of the default Toshiba desktop.

Now I'm trying to find a clock change setting that will push the animals' feeding time back two hours.
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