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Countdowns. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Three hours or so from now: the jock equivalent of "Nerd Prom," also known as Round One of the NFL draft, finally gets under way after weeks if not months of overcoverage. If past experience holds, at least six of tonight's 32 newly- minted millionaires will be unemployed within two years, while lesser predicted talents, not selected until the later rounds tomorrow and Saturday (if drafted at all), will be the Tom Bradys and Stevie Johnsons of the next decade- long-term household-name stars nobody has yet heard of.

Tomorrow: Busy day out in the world compared to the past three, which have been blissfully free of court and client appointments. I get SO much more done without the dinging of reminders on laptop and phone. But I've got three appointments in Rochester before 2 and then need to be back here by 4 for a final one.

Next week: Not bad so far. Just one scheduled day out of town and just one scheduled client appointment here.

And then: Emily's graduation is two weeks from tomorrow. Her thesis film will likely be screened over the previous weekend. I have Rochester commitments on Wednesday the 21st, and will then be arranging to get my sister into town for the events of the 23rd. It's the end of a long but happy road for her, and all of us.
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