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Parts is Parts. Except when they're Nots. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Parts is Parts. Except when they're Nots.
I traded cars with Emily when she came into town yesterday, in hopes of getting her AC fixed. The AC unit itself is fine, as is the blower, but the middle dial, which points the airflow to windshield/floorboard/humans, stopped working shortly before her accident and our then-semipermanent switch of cars.  It had busted once before, and the solution at the time was a replacement of the switch itself for about $200. That lasted a couple of weeks before it stopped working again (with the "doors," fortunately, in the defrost position for the long winter that may or may not have finally ended here), and now it's a much more expensive proposition. Just diagnosing it was over $60 in labor, and said diagnosis confirmed that the entire HVAC unit, except the heater core, has to be replaced. That's $600. Labor, another seven. This car is close to 10 years old with almost 175K miles on it, so it is probably too much to throw in to it at this age. Better to put it toward something newer once we know what she is likely to need based on where she'll be in a few months' time.

We talked today, and she's okay with postponing for now. Really, the main issue wasn't the cooling of the car- it does cool down, even if it takes cranking the blower and with Max and Hi both working to capacity- but her wanting to have the more reliable cooling for interview trips to places like NYC and Toronto. My thought is, for $1,300 of savings, we can put her on lots of planes to JFK/LGA, and she can drive here and take MY car to TO if she wants to have cool for that.

The bigger frustration is how car companies seem bent on designing parts for profit rather than ease of repair. It's not as bad as the classic 70s case of Big Three arrogance- the Chevy Monza (and, apparently, other GM brands on the same body), which were designed so you needed to lift out the entire engine block in order to change the spark plugs. So unless you were Superman, or had a forklift in your personal garage, you'd need to see Mister Goodwrench in order to perform this relatively simple and DIY task.  Current designs seem less focused on forced additional labor (which, after all, goes to the benefit of the repair shops) but to integrating multiple parts together so a simple repair becomes much more expensive.


It's enough to make you want to call in a Dalek:

I saw that on nentikobe's Facebook page earlier, and immediately christened it as "The Extermikado."
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cafemusique From: cafemusique Date: May 20th, 2014 08:47 am (UTC) (Link)

Sounds like us

We got hit with a bill for twice as much money on our half as old van for the AC last week.

In SE Virginia, there was no way I was going into summer with no AC. (It had already been high 80s+ much of last week.)

But we didn't have the money to get a decent replacement given the low trade-in estimate (since she's had a couple of accidents), so fixing seemed to be the only option. Oh, well.
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