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Make mine an extra fluffy. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Make mine an extra fluffy.
It's Towel Day. And we can all certainly see a need for one of those.

I watched a mass murderer on YouTube yesterday, not knowing that's what he was. I'm not sure the person who posted it knew who he was. Titled "Why do girls hate me so much?," it was presented and critiqued as a sad example of the burgeoning Not All Men movement which tries to pin the blame for sexism and misogyny on women.  When I first heard of the rampage late yesterday, the name of the suicided shooter hadn't been revealed yet, but when I saw and recognised it this morning, I about threw up in my mouth, realising that I'd seen a few moments of his rant the day before. It's still there at this moment, as is the even creepier "Life Is So Unfair" followup that may have been his pre-rampage "note." I couldn't bear to watch either all the way through, but it's sickening that professionals in therapy, law enforcement and weapons sales didn't do any better of a job of paying attention to them, either.


Less scary, but much closer to home, a friend of Emily's has taken one of her towels.

R. went to high school with both Em and Cam. She has a special-needs twin brother and rather asshats in the rest of her fam. For various reasons, she and her 'rents hit a loggerheads point just this weekend, and when the kids found out about it, they made it their task to rescue R. from her stressful home situation. She doesn't have a license, much less a car, and was going to take the train out of here yesterday until finding out that Emily and Cameron were here. Ultimately, they picked her up and took her to their place for a much-needed breathing spell from the family angst.  Their new kitty apparently fell in love with her on sight, so she's getting some pet therapy on top of everything else.

That said, we're a little concerned about just how many of the world's problems our daughter can fix. She has so much potential and promise that need to be realised, and she has to learn to "put her own mask on first" before attending to the passengers around her.

But for today and tonight, at least, I'm okay with her borrowing an oxygen mask. Or the occasional towel.


This weekend's Orphan Black could use some linens and things all around. The BBCA subtitles were gorked this time, so we didn't entirely understand everything we saw, but there were plenty of new revelations, a new-to-us character accompanied by an old-to-us one, and pictures of Helena that would certainly discourage ANYONE from messing with her against her will. On the other hand, the road to her will seems quickly and easily paved by pork rinds. Or Archies records. Maybe both.


Eleanor works tomorrow. I mostly mow. And keep well in sight of the nearest tow.  El.
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tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: June 3rd, 2014 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
That said, we're a little concerned about just how many of the world's problems our daughter can fix. Why am I not surprised that she turned out like this? :)
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