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Mow better blues. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Mow better blues.
Eleanor worked a full day Monday. Her only day off in the past seven (counting our two joint trips to Rochester Tuesday and Friday as "on," as they were) was this past Sunday, and she spent most of that out in the yard- weeding, seeding some dead spots on the front lawn, and generally being her usual overabundant self out there.

With no other commitments of my own Monday, therefore, I vowed to finish the mowing in the back. It got its first full cut only a couple of weekends ago, but we had a lot of rain mid-month (you can tell when it's going to be raining; the Bisons are playing at home:P), and it was heading back to machete territory in a hurry. I worked through the worst of it the previous weekend, leaving the berms and playpen area (which can be weedwhacked) but also the furthest corner of the yard, which seems to grow the slowest.  That's what I took on two days ago- and got it (and the weedwhacking) done. It was very slow going, with lots of stutter-step stops and starts as the reel mower kept getting stuck in various divots and/or needed to have the axle ends of the reel cleared out of green detritis.

Still, it all got done- as I did:(  By Tuesday morning, my right ankle was going off like a rocket.  Now, another night's sleep later, it's still hurting like hell.  I don't recall any act that sprained it, but I suspect it's either a repetitive-motion effect, or a vulnerable spot to gout and/or arthritis. Pain meds every six hours help; so does moving around.

On the other hand, it's making the minor residual pain in my left knee seem almost non-existent by comparison.

I've yet to spend a dime of my $2,000 deductible on medical care for this year, but fortunately I've now got close to three-quarters of that amount saved up in our Health Savings Account so if either of these aching joints require Get Off My Lawn New Parts, most of the financial damage will be covered. And my insurance is now paid up through the end of September, although I do have to start planning to add Emily to it if she's not able to get covered herself by time her school plan ends in just over two months.

For now, though, it's try to stay sane and pray for no rain- although the Bisons are coming back later this week from an extended road trip, so I'm fully expecting downpours:P
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