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May I? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
May I?
Yes, I May:)  This transitional month ended nicely for all of us today.

I started my day with my first weight workout in close to two weeks, and I did fine with it, the ankle only complaining about one exercise that I moved to another venue. Once home after that, I got numerous chores done, the fish tank cleaned, and a nice dinnertime out back with my beloved serenaded by Elbow but also the happy sounds of an outdoor party in the yard next door. Eleanor guessed a volleyball game was part of it; I voted for beer pong;  but it turned out to be bocce, a local delicacy that I loved seeing the tenants and their friends playing at.  I stopped over by the fence after dinner and told them this week marked 20 years since we bought this place (not mentioning that we were roughly 10 years older than they were when we did so), and they shared congratulations for that. They're good kids, and the liveliness in the yard is something we simply adore.


As Eleanor has publicly posted, she's continuing to improve a bunch of outdoor planters, and plantings, at her Wegmans store. The past two days were intense and exhausting, but the emotional reward for it today was more than compensation for it; her store manager pronounced her efforts as "gawgeous," a major prop from someone known far more around the store for what she doesn't like. (Disclosure: said manager's husband is, totally independently, a client of mine, and from what he's told his wife about moi, Eleanor's reports about Emily's graduation successes came as no surprise to her boss, since they've both been impressed with how smart we are.)


Meanwhile, Em is back to work at her frozen yogurt gig, and we both checked in with her today about how things are going. Cameron's birthday is early next week, and she surprised him with a retro video game he knew and loved from when he was much younger.  That's the kind of gift that echoes us all over:)


Orphan Black just started recording.  The Mets just finished winning. I think I'm heading quickly towards falling. Down.
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