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I'm getting better! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
I'm getting better!

Late Tuesday, I started worrying I was getting an ear infection. Enough to detour on the way home from Rochester to my doctor's office to see if I could sneak in at the end of the day. Alas, nobody was there. By Wednesday, it seemed to have cleared, so I didn't call.

Bad move. Wednesday night, it flared right past Itchy and Scratchy and into Owie- and my jaw started to ache when swallowing. So I called the doc first thing....

On his day off.

This looked like a job for Doc-in-the-Box! Others in the fam had been to the closest one, then known as MedFirst, for a few things, so I headed over around 2 yesterday. I'd planned to do busywork while waiting, but stupidly left it at the office.

No worry. They've now rebranded as MASH Urgent Care (it stands for something other than the Hawkeye/Klinger one), and despite me not being in their system, I was seen in under five minutes, diagnosed within 20, and out the door, the scrip already sent, by 2:30. Two horse pills later (with Tylenol in between), I'm out of pain and on the way back to feeling less ear-y.


The good news Wednesday was the arrival of Theo the cordless electric mower. He came assembled, but needed an initial charge. We eventually figured that out from the directions written in Manuelese, and yesterday morning, our collective wisdom managed to overcome the safety features and turn the thing on.

He's wonderful. It's not self-propelled, so it's still something of a workout, but I got half the back yard done in two under-30-minute passes. He did stall a few times where the grass was very high and slightly hilly, but it's much easier to clear the workings than it was with the reel mower. Even with Teh Sick, I expect to have the other half done by tonight. And, we've yet to come close to the limit on the charge. Eventually, we'll get a second battery so we'll always have one full-up, and it's easy to remove and replace.

Unlike eardrums, which you can only medicate:P


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