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Comings and Goings and Goings and Comings, Part II(A): Out with the Farg-old.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Comings and Goings and Goings and Comings, Part II(A): Out with the Farg-old....

Hard to believe there won't be a "true story" to watch tonight, as Fargo went out a week ago with many bangs, a horrid snap, and more than a little thin ice.  One has to wonder where, or even if, the show can go from here given what happened.

The devil went up to Minnesota, and only a good man could kill him, so that's what Gus did. Having Gus be played by Colin Hanks- at once son of the nicest man in America but also just off playing one of the most gruesome killers on Dexter- made the casting even more perfect.  BBT didn't steal his scenes- you can't when you're top-billed- but he overwhelmed every one of them, moving seamlessly from minister to dentist to voyeur. Only a completely pure heart, and one familiar with his schtick, could overcome his Dark Side Jedi mind-tricking and put him back in hell where he came from.

Lester, probably? Could've turned on Malvo up to the final couple of scenes- admitting everything and getting immunity in exchange for giving state's evidence on the monster. But by then, to a large extent, Lester had become a sort of mini-Malvo- from the turtlenecks to the swagger to the evil genius that began his final takedown, not with a rifle in that box, but a bear trap.  In the end, Lance and Lester led, inevitably if not directly, to the other's death, which is how the devil generally does it.

Key and Peele never really got out of their boxes, until Malvo finally put them in their final resting ones. The comic potential of that first street scene turned out to be as good as it got: they got off the occasional line, and their stupidity (as well as that of the field office in calling off backup) was what put the final moments in motion.  If this series does go backward (more about that to come), I hope they can retrospectively develop these two into something more approaching their not-Nice awesomeness.

That leaves us with the only survivors: Gus, Molly, Greta and the rest of the Solverson-Grimly fam. (I did love that Molly never changed her name.)  Thus, the series ends much as the original film did, with the very pregnant police chief enjoying the simplicity of a life and the imminence of a life beyond horrid crime.

There's, once again, a million bucks buried under an ice scraper.

So this-all could go any number of ways now. At this moment, despite the critical acclaim and the decent ratings, FX hasn't committed to a second season, but I suspect one's inevitable. Where it goes, though, is up in the air, and the timeline could go forward with new characters or back:

 It is not yet officially confirmed whether "Fargo" will return for Season 2, or not. But, Noah Hawley, creator of the show, and also the actors, who featured in Season 1, have not ruled out of the possibility of Season 2. There is, however, much speculation surrounding whether the same cast will return to play new characters in Season 2, or whether some of the cast will return to portray the same characters.

Allison Tolman, who played police officer Molly Solverson, in "Fargo" Season 1, has said that some of the characters may return but it depends upon whether the upcoming story is moving forwards or backwards. In an interview with Toronto Sun, the actress said that it is possible that Solverson and Gus Grimly, played by Colin Hanks, may feature again in Season 2 of FX's anthology series. 

There was plenty of aftershadowing in these shows about something Really Bad that happened in 1979- before the events of Series 1 and even before those of the prior film. So I could see them moving back to that era with a much younger Lorne, if not younger versions of others.

Wherever they go, though, I'll be there, you betcha:)

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