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Comings and Goings and Goings and Comings, Part II(B): Meet the Old Clones.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Comings and Goings and Goings and Comings, Part II(B): Meet the Old Clones....

Are they the same as the new clones? 

Now a week has passed since the final Orphan Black blew our minds.  Even though we DVR'd the finale as it played, I downloaded the iTunes version the next morning so we could watch it with legible captions and without BBCA's usual stupid and often inappropriate commercials. And it did not disappoint.  Spoilers behind all:

When I watched the scene instantly known as Clone Slumber Party, I wrote a brief note to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

It's over. T-a-t-i-a-n-a- space- M-a-s-l-a-n-y. Make the statue now and be sure they spell it right.

I've never ceased to be amazed at the show's two-Tatiana scenes- at not just the technical specs to do them but at the rigors she must go through to ACT in each filming, opposite a double or, perhaps, opposite nobody. Now double that, plus put Ki and Fe in the picture as well, and you get a moment for the ages.

The music from the dance party has been identified, but there was an even nicer musical moment right before it started, when Sarah and Kira's dad Cal had a touching scene together. There was recognisable music under it- an instrumental riff from a song I KNEW, as in I'd heard this recently. Eleanor couldn't ID it, but finally it hit me: it was from the intro and/or bridge of Amanda Marshall's "Beautiful Goodbye." That works in so many ways: the title fit the scene, the song complied with Canadian content requirements for its airing there, and Amanda has herself been stuck in a long period of intellectual property hell as she fights with former record companies and managers to get her songs back.

As for the stories, we begin with Rachel, who in some recaps was written off as dead. (An interview with the showrunners leaves this open, but with at least some implication that she'll be back and rocking an eyepatch next year.)

Much as she lost in the finale, from her depth perception to her father, her character was one of the ones that perhaps grew the most on her own during this season. (Ali and Donnie grew as much if not more, but their interaction was a big part of that.)  If she does come back, I see her being not only more badass than ever, but also likely to be channeling more of Sarah's raw survival skills now that she's had the Dyad support system stripped from her.

Which brings us to Ensign Ro, and the newest and youngest member of Clone Club in her care.  When we first met her, she struck me as a sort of Rachel Duncan Lite- carrying the secrets and evil conspiracies without being an actual part of the experiment.  Now, in her way, that's what she's become, at least vicariously through her adopted daughter/cousin/aunt.  Charlotte didn't get to display much in the way of chops in her debut, but then Kira was pretty quiet in early episodes and she's now become pretty well written.

I say "finally" only because I've got to stop at some point; I could go on quite a bit about other subplots and loose ends and possibilities. But the final moments' revelation of a parallel project- and the next-moment reveal of which established character would be carrying this load- would it be Paul? Felix? (Some speculated even Art, but once they showed Crazy Clone Mark from the back, that was ruled out.)  No, it's our favourite Prolethean, now available in at least three flavours of Batshit Insane.

(That same interview linked above with Manson/Fawcett revealed some other amazements: that they'd originally planned to kill off Mark halfway through this season, in the arm-wrestling bar scene which turned into a bro-moment between him and Paul. Also, that they did not tell Mark's actor that he'd been chosen for the Series 3 clone role until handing him the 2:10 finale script. Well, Ari, the good news is, you've got a long-term commitment now and probably higher billing. The bad news is standing right over there, and over there, and over there- and you're now going to have to be compared to Tatiana for the rest of this show.)

Some are disappointed that Das Boys will take the feminist focus away from the binding/bonding/struggling of the original Clone Club. I doubt Castor will ever approach it in terms of depth or complexity; they are military, after all, and that takes a lot of creativity out of the mix. Plus, the show has always had plenty of time to develop male-oriented stories, with enough of them hitting (Donnie's, Leekie's, certainly Fe's) to make up for the comparable misses of developing Vic or Scott or Fe's coroner friend.  The new storyline will probably come at the expense of new possibilities here, rather than taking time from the original clones.

The DVD's are due in about three weeks, and we'll see how many specials are on there. There are a bunch of extras on iTunes that are only available with the season pass, so I may wind up getting that in the end if they don't, um, duplicate the ones in the box set.

And so, until next season:

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