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These Are Days - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
These Are Days
The past 48 hours have been intense, scary but ultimately optimistic for all three of us. We're all okay, but there's a lot to tell- just not out in the all-open internet just yet.  Eleanor has already written about it, and I'm about to. If you're friends of either of us on LJ, you have (or will) read the essentials. If not (or if not of both and want to read both), comment and we'll fix you up.

In three hours, Eleanor's 58th birthday begins. In the grocery line in Wegmans today, a guy ahead of me was bemoaning the fact that his kid, tasked with buying a bunch of birthday cards, sprung for the top-of-the-line $9.00 jobs with LED lights and sound.  I told him the tale of my niece who, in her hardcore Material Girl days, always opened her cards from the back to be sure they were Hallmarks.

This birthday, for Eleanor, promises to be a hallmark of love and hope.  Please join me in sharing those thoughts. LEDs optional.
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